Top 4 Staining Wood Furniture Ideas in 2022

Home renovation searches have more than doubled in the last 2 years indicating that you’re not the only one in need of a little change. In lieu of calling in the contractors, homeowners are opting for smaller DIY projects that are quick and budget-friendly. But before you break out the stain samples on your good woods, check out our top 4 staining wood furniture ideas in 2022. 

Ombre effect pallet art

Your home is your sanctuary, and sanctuaries are the opposite of chaotic. So is it any surprise homeowners are creating more calming environments in their homes this year? That’s why this first idea uses wood stain to create an ombre effect on pallet art.  

Pallet art is versatile and rustic, giving your home natural outdoorsy vibes. The ombre effect makes the pallets more visually attractive while also providing a professional feel. Plus, something about gradients is just so soothing.  

You’ll want to grab an oil finish like Master Color Oil for this project. For a fading ombre effect, use a color a few shades darker than your wood. For a more subtle effect, choose 2 to 3 shades that gradually darken. You want to gradually apply the color from dark to light in the direction of your ombre. 

WOCA Master Color Oil comes in 9 shades, so you know the finishes and colors will complement each other. 

Photo of refinished wood chest

Aged, lived-in appearance

Next up in 2022, homeowners are opting for cozy decor that seamlessly incorporates old and new pieces. 

One way to do this is to give your furniture an aged appearance by applying a white or grey wood stain. The natural vibe you achieve here enhances the rustic feel of your home, making it appear cozier and lived in. Think whimsical, elfin cottage. 

Remember, before you stain your wood, you’ll likely need a pre-color treatment to ensure maximum color enhancement.  

Our pre-color treatment is water-based, and our stains and oils have low or no VOCs. We create plant-based oils and stains to reduce our impact on the environment and provide a healthier option for you and your family. 

Refreshed furniture

As a part of the ‘old is new’ trend, the ’70s are making a solid comeback, and antique furniture is all the rage. However, that 50-year-old piece looks…well…50 years old. And that means it's a perfect candidate for a refresh. 

Whether it was inherited from your grammy or the local flea market, you can save some serious dough with a bit of elbow grease. Check out our ultimate guide to restoring old wood furniture to learn how. 

Keep your refinished furniture looking beautiful with regular maintenance. Cleaning products like WOCA Natural Soap Spray and WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap are specifically formulated for wood furniture that’s been oiled. They clean and protect without the harsh chemicals you’d typically find in stores.

All-natural vibes

 This year we’re going au-nat-u-rel! And by “au naturel” we mean wood finishes that enhance the bare wood look and bring the outside in.   

Since the world’s population has been indoors for the better part of 2 years, you’ve probably noticed more plants on your Zoom calls. Those outdoor elements, like light-colored wood finishes, brighten the spirit and make you feel more harmony in your home. 

So skip dark stain and go for an invisible oil on your light-colored, unfinished woods. It will protect it from stains while enhancing the wood grain and providing a raw, freshly sanded matte sheen.

 More than any emerging trend, sustainability will be huge in 2022. But our commitment to it isn’t a trend, it’s a standard of excellence. Our oils and natural soaps are made with vegetable oils. They are non-polluting, non-staining, and environmentally responsible. They also penetrate deeply, harden, and protect without the need for harsh preservatives. Learn more about our WOCA Woodcare products here.

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