LW Flooring - Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance of UV Oil Finished LW Flooring

WOCA Natural Soap

Only WOCA products are recommended to clean, replenish and maintain your UV oil finished LW Flooring hardwood floor. WOCA Natural Soap is a purpose-made quality soap, which due to its nourishing properties quickly closes wood pores and protects against dirt and the penetration of liquids. WOCA Soap is ideal for cleaning and maintenance of all oiled wood surfaces. WOCA Soap White is recommended for light wood species, while WOCA Soap Natural is ideal for dark wood. May be used for the cleaning and maintenance of all known oil systems.

Cleaning LW Flooring with WOCA Natural Soap:

  1. Shake Natural Soap carefully before use.
  2. Mix 1/4 cup of Natural Soap with one gallon of lukewarm water.
  3. Clean the floor with the soap mixture using a well wrung damp mop.
WOCA Master Color Oil

Removing Scratches and Stains

Light scratches are best repaired by hand rubbing the matching WOCA Master Color Oil on your floor on the affected area using a cloth.

Rub a small amount of WOCA Master Color Oil on the scratch. Leave the oil to absorb for a short period of time before removing the oil from the surface with a clean cotton cloth. Be sure to remove all of the oil on top of the wood. Allow to dry.

Tough stains caused by red wine, coffee, etc. can be removed by using WOCA Spot Remover. Simply spray the Spot Remover on the spot and leave approximately 5 minutes to dissolve. Wipe or scrub the spot before wiping it clean. If necessary, repeat the treatment. After removing the spot, the floor should be treated with a small amount of WOCA oil.

WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active

Future Maintenance

UV oil finished floors should never have to be re-sanded. However, over time it is necessary to apply more oil to your floor. Traffic patterns or wear areas can be easily eliminated with this step.

Typically in a residential application this is anywhere from 5-6 years after initial use of your floor. WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active provides the floor with additional hard wearing properties. Use WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active  White on White oiled floors and Maintenance Oil Diamond Active Natural on all others. Follow directions on the label.

How to rejuvenate natural oiled floors with WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active from WOCA on Vimeo.

Tips For Floor Protection

  • Maintain room temperature at 60-80 °F and humidity at 35-55%
  • Sweep, vacuum or mop regularly
  • Place good quality breathable doormats rugs at the entrance
  • Avoid standing water on the floor, wipe up any liquid immediately.
  • Prevent scratches by sticking felt pads under the legs of chairs, tables and any other furniture, and avoid dragging when moving them; use protective mat for office chair or comply with EN12529 for the rollers
  • If you have pets, trim their claws regularly.
  • Use only recommended products to clean and maintain the floor. All purpose cleaners should NOT be used as they can dull your floor's finish or leave a hazy residue.
  • Do not pour cleaner directly onto the floor.
  • Make sure you have special dirt-­trapping flooring in entrance areas
  • Rearranging furniture periodically will allow your floor to age evenly.
  • Avoid the use of steam cleaners in any kind of hardwood floor, regardless the finish, as it will damage the wood.

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