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WOCA Exterior Wood Oil
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WOCA Exterior Oil is a water and plant based penetrating oil that absorbs deep into the wood strengthening the wood from the inside out.  It hardens from inside of the wood to strengthen and protect from the harsh outdoor elements and...

WOCA Exterior Oil Testers
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WOCA Exterior Oil Color Testers are an inexpensive way to sample Woca Deck Oil colors on your wood. Different wood species with different natural coloring will impact the treatment color and the final look of any finish. By sampling your...

WOCA IVENA Furniture Refinish Kit
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SKU: E IVENA Furn Ref Kit/2.5

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IVENA Furniture Refinish Kit Includes the following: 1 Bottle of WOCA Deep Cleaner  Natural Exterior Oil 2.5 Liter Please note Exterior Oil in Olive is discontinued, Exterior Oil in Natural is the replacement color.

WOCA Exterior Multi Protector
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WOCA Multi Protector  is ready mixed and easy to use.  It rejuvenates and protects exterior garden furniture made of poly rattan, wood, steel, plastic etc. It is also suitable for universal maintenance of other outdoor items such as window frames,...

WOCA Exterior Oil Designer Tester Kit
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SKU: DEO-Ext Oil Design Kit

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The WOCA Exterior Oil Designer Tester Kit contains all 14 of the Exterior Oil colors. It is the best stain for protecting and preserving all outdoor wood surfaces. It can be used on all types of outdoor wood surfaces and...

WOCA Exterior Oil Color Fan Deck
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SKU: 2002160


All 14 Exterior Oil colors on real Spruce wood samples.  Fan deck sample chains are made from hand-cut and hand-stained wood, which give a realistic representation of Exterior Oil colors on Spruce. Exterior Oil colors will look different on different...

WOCA Exterior Furniture Kit
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Give your outdoor wood furniture a boost to become the life of the party with the WOCA Exterior Furniture Kit!  Instantly upgrade any tired exterior wood furniture with this deep cleaning and outdoor oil kit.   The Exterior Furniture Kit includes: 1 Exterior...


WOCA Denmark Exterior Wood Protection Products

Outdoor Wood Exterior Protection Products

WOCA's professional outdoor wood protection products exterior finish prolongs the durability of your exterior wood furniture and patios. Our plant-based, non-polluting products provide necessary protection to the wood from outdoor influences, such as protect your wood from sunlight, rain, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures.

Protecting Exterior Wood with WOCA

When wood is constantly exposed to the elements, you have to take extra care to protect your wood and keep it looking like new. WOCA’s line of natural outdoor wood protection products is designed to preserve your wood furniture, porches, and other structures for years to come. WOCA Exterior Oil stains and protects outdoor wood, preventing damage from UV rays and other elements. After oiling, use our Exterior Multi Protector regularly to rejuvenate worn wood, as well as poly rattan, steel, and plastic outdoor fixtures.

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