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WOCA Polishing Cloth
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WOCA Polishing Cloth is used whenever using WOCA Maintenance Gel. The polishing cloth can be used under the white polishing pad of the buffer to achieve a very smooth and silky look. Using the polishing cloth will also provide a...

WOCA Patina Disc
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SKU: 595095-S

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WOCA Patina Discs are a new way of oiling. They are used for smoothing and honing the wood surface while it is still wet with oil. WOCA Patina Discs are used to make a one-coat application using WOCA Oils. There...

Polar Bear Felt Pads
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Protect your floors from scratches and scuffs with the Polar Bear Felt Pads self-adhesive furniture kit. Perfect for most chairs and furniture around your home, this long-lasting, moisture proof felt kit contains 4 large circle pads, 12 small circle pads,...


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