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Oil Refreshing Soap
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WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap, also known as Oil Refresher, is a cleaner and revitalizer for oiled hardwood maintenance. Oil Refresher Natural is for natural oiled and color oiled floors, and Oil Refresher White is for white oiled wood floors. Oil...

Commercial Floor Cleaning Kit
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Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Kit provides professional results with natural ingredients, leaving natural wood floors at any commercial space whether it's a busy restaurant, office or retail store bright and clean without harsh chemicals. Get the free Silver Mop included...

Commercial Cleaning Oil Kit
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The Commercial Cleaning Oil Kit from WOCA is designed for deep cleaning and re-oiling plain sawn hardwood floors and end grain wood flooring. With a 2 hour dry time at 68 degrees F and full cure in 24 hours, it's...

Maintenance Oil Kit
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Revive your oiled wood floor with the WOCA Maintenance Oil Kit! Our WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active is of the highest quality; odorless and durable, with a low waste application. The hyper cross-linking technology helps increase resistance to stains and...


Frequently Asked Questions

The material in the Oil Refresher Natural looks as white as the Oil Refresher White, are they the same?

While they both appear white, the Oil Refresher in Natural will not appear white after application. Both Refreshers consist partly of an oil emulsion, which gives the products a milky appearance in their containers.

Which Oil Refresher Soap should I use?

Oil Refresher Soap White is used for white or light gray flooring. Use Oil Refresher Soap in Natural for all other wood types.

How often should I use Natural Soap?

To keep your oil finished floor clean and protected from dirt, stains and wear and tear, clean it every two weeks with WOCA Denmark Natural Soap. It is specially formulated to clean and protect in one step, leaving behind an invisible layer of soy and coconut fats, which helps to ward off almost anything. When used on a regular basis, WOCA Natural Soap makes your oil finished floor more dirt and wear resistant and easier to keep clean.

How do I remove red wine stains from an oil-treated floor?

WOCA Spot Remover is perfect for removing all indoor spots, dissolving red wine, grease, blood, coffee, or tea. It is soap based and may be used on unfinished, soaped, oiled, or waxed interior surfaces. Simply spray and let sit for 10-15 min, and scrub with a bristle brush until stain has been removed. Repeat treatment as necessary. It may be necessary to re-oil the surface with Master Oil or Maintenance Gel after use to protect the finish.

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