13 Design Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like a Beach House

Being on the beach is a magical experience. The sun, sand, and surf spark feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s even been proven that people who live near the water are happier

However, packing up and moving to the beach isn’t a reality for all of us. If you’re a beach lover, how do you capture the essence of the beach year-round? Check out more than a dozen of our design ideas to make your home feel like a beach house.


Bring the beach to you

One of the simplest ways to breathe beach life into your home is through your decor. Even the smallest and most subtle accents can make your space feel relaxing, laid-back, and breezy — as if you were on an actual beach. You can add things like:

    • Tropical prints
    • Rope accents
    • Seashells (add an extra nostalgic touch by displaying seashells from your favorite beach vacations)
    • Nautical maps
    • Sand dollars
    • Coastal-style ceiling fans
    • Surfboards

Make it bright and light

Another key to creating a beach vibe is illuminating your home. After all, the beach is a bright and sunny place! You can easily emulate that same energy in your own beach-style house by making small changes, including:

    • Opening up all your blinds and curtains to let light in
    • Replacing current window treatments with light-colored blinds and curtains
    • Adding bright and neutral slipcovers to your furniture and accent pillows
    • Painting your trim white
    • Hanging mirrors to open up your space
    • Incorporating more lighting like lamps, sconces, and string lights

The best part about these bright ideas? You can do them both inside and outside for a full beach house effect.

Mix modern and vintage

Photo of beach themed entry table and decor with whitewashed shiplap walls.

Some of the best beach houses have a rustic, more classic look and feel to them. You can create the same vibe in your own home by mixing and matching more modern pieces with some vintage ones. It doesn’t hurt that finding or repurposing older furniture is more cost-effective too. Consider adding a few weathered accents like:

    • Wicker or rattan chairs and bar stools
    • Rustic lamps and light fixtures
    • Vintage dressers and benches
    • Wood-paneled headboards

A great (and cost-friendly) place to start with these ideas is asking some family members — like your parents or grandparents — for any furniture they don’t want or use anymore. That way, you can also add a touch of sentimental value to your beach-inspired home.

Add driftwood flooring

Driftwood flooring is one of the best ideas to really capture the essence of your very own beach home. But replacing or adding all-new hardwood can be quite costly. Our solution? WOCA Wood Lye — which gives you a high-quality look without a high price tag.

Our mild, non-corrosive lye is perfect if you want to whitewash your hardwood floors or give them a driftwood appearance. Wood Lye is compatible with all wood species and comes in two amazing colors — white and grey. Don’t forget to finish with Diamond Oil Active for extra protection.

Life’s a beach with WOCA Woodcare

No matter where you live, you can always bring the look and feel of the beach into your very own home. Make sure it’s protected with WOCA Woodcare products. Our safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solutions ensure your hardwood floors and wood furniture in your beach house remain durable and preserved for years to come.

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