How to Make an Old House Look New

Becoming a homeowner can be an exhilarating, exciting, and exhausting process. For most of us, we move into or buy an older home knowing there may be improvements needed immediately or in the future. However, not everyone can shell out tons of money to make major renovations and upgrades right after buying a home. That leaves us asking the age-old question: How can I make my old house look new?

Thankfully, there are tons of different ways to do just that without your wallet taking a hit. Here, WOCA Woodcare is sharing quick and easy tips for sprucing up your home to make it look — and feel — more modern.

Add fresh coats of paint

One of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home’s look and feel is lots of paint. On the inside, add fresh coats to your walls and paint any wood trim white. If you’re not quite ready to install new cabinetry and doors, you can spruce those up too with a layer of paint! If you have older pieces of furniture, paint can also make those look as good as new.

On the outside of your house, you can choose a clean, eye-catching color to boost your curb appeal. Add new paint colors to other outdoor accents, like your doors, trim, and shutters. Don’t forget to use WOCA’s Outdoor Wood Primer and Exterior Oil on your deck and fence to bring them back to life. 

Spruce up decor accents

There are seemingly endless ways to add a modern flair to your home without breaking the bank. Although these changes are more subtle than an entire paint job, they can make just as much of a difference — if not more. Consider doing things like:

    • Upgrading hardware on cabinets and drawers
    • Changing out older doorknobs and locks
    • Adding modern art and frames
    • Decorating with plants
    • Installing new light fixtures
    • Swapping out faceplates and light switch covers
    • Making a DIY kitchen backsplash with tile or wallpaper
    • Upgrading curtains and blinds
    • Adding accent rugs

With so much knowledge at our fingertips in the form of Google, YouTube, and Pinterest, you can find tons of creative ideas and DIY projects to make your home look new and unique.

Refinish your hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous asset to old and new homes alike. The key, though, is keeping them in tip-top shape to maintain a modern look. With WOCA’s interior woodcare solutions, you can clean, refresh, and protect your hardwoods year-round. If you’re looking to make a more drastic change, you can choose from one of our many colors of Diamond Oil Active to create an entirely new look. 

Turn to WOCA for modern woodcare

Making your old home look new again may take a little bit of time and effort, but the results will be incredibly rewarding. As you start your home makeover journey, be sure to arm yourself with products that are effective, safe, and sustainable — like WOCA Woodcare. They’ll keep your home looking fresh and new, naturally. 

Browse our entire interior collection to find the perfect solutions for you and your good-as-new home.

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