HF Design Montage European Oak Floor - Care and Maintenance

Montage care using WOCA Denmark

Cleaning Montage European Oak Flooring After Installation

  1. Vacuum and/or Mop
    Clean dust and dirt off the floor with a soft brush vacuum cleaner and/or a standard dust mop.
  2. Mop with WOCA Natural Soap    After the floor is installed, it is required to clean the floor using WOCA Natural Soap mixed 3 ounces to 1 gallon of water. Damp mop the entire floor using a cotton mop. The mop should be damp, not wet. Excess moisture may damage the floor.
  3. Let it Dry
    Leave the floor to dry for 4 to 6 hours before allowing foot traffic and placing rugs.

Regular Cleaning of Montage European Oak Flooring


 Clean with the WOCA Spray Mop and WOCA Natural Soap.  Leave the floor to dry for 1 to 2 hours before allowing foot traffic and placing rugs.

Please refer to After-Care Matrix below:

Name Initial & Routine Cleaning Touch Up Oil

Natural Soap -  White Diamond Oil Active - Sand Grey
Sardinia Natural Soap White Diamond Oil Active - Extra White
Natural Soap White Diamond Oil Active - White


Natural Soap in Natural Diamond Oil Active - White


Natural Soap in Natural Diamond Oil Active Caramel Brown
Marche Natural Soap in Natural Diamond Oil Active - Sand Grey


Natural Soap in Natural Diamond Oil Active - Smoke Brown
Rhone Natural Soap in Natural Diamond Oil Active White

Future Maintenance

WOCA Denmark Maintenance Oil Diamond Active

Natural oil finished floors should never need to be re-sanded. However, over time it is necessary to apply more oil to the floor. Traffic patterns or wear areas can be easily eliminated with this step. Typically, in a residential application, this is anywhere from 2 to 5 years after initial use of the floor. WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active provides the floor with additional hard wearing properties. Use Maintenance Oil White on White oiled floors and Maintenance Oil Natural on all others. Please follow directions on the label.

Commercial Applications

General Recommendations:

After installation in commercial areas (high traffic areas) the new floors should be first mopped with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner 1:40 ratios to prep the floor. Let the floor dry, then polish with a coat of WOCA Diamond Oil Active. Work in 250-300 sq ft sections. Using a thick white polish pad, pour a capful of WOCA Diamond Oil Active into the center of the white pad and begin buffing the floor. Add small amounts of oil directly to the floor as needed. Once you have buffed the WOCA Diamond Oil Active into a section, you must remove the WOCA Diamond Oil Active from the surface. Remove any excess WOCA Diamond Oil Active on the surface using a cotton cloth underneath a clean white pad. Repeat this process with each section. For ongoing cleaning of commercial areas, see the WOCA Commercial Cleaning Guide.

Display and Showroom floors are great ways to show the beauty and character of natural oiled floors. To ensure the floors last a long time and hold up to the constant flow of traffic in a showroom or model home, the Manufacturer recommends treating these floors as a commercial application by using WOCA Master Color Oil after installation. The Manufacturer believes this is necessary to maintain the beauty and protect the investment. Please refer to WOCA Commercial Care and Maintenance Guideline and recommend contacting WOCA for detailed step-by-step process.

Quick Tips & Tricks


  • Place Felt Protector on moving furniture
  • Place door mat in front of main entrance
  • Protect flooring by covering wall to wall during construction with 3” overlap to avoid paint, spills, sheet rock dust, etc.
  • Make sure any adhesive is immediately wiped off prior to drying


  • Don’t use any tape on the Floor, including Blue Tape
  • Don’t use Mineral Spirits
  • Don’t leave spills, wipe up immediately

Matching unfinished trim or stair treads to Montage European Oak Flooring.

Please refer to Montage stain + WOCA Oil Matrix below:

NAME Montage Stain WOCA Finishing Oil
647005HO Diamond Oil Active Natural
Marche 647002HO Diamond Oil Active Natural
Palma 647003HO Diamond Oil Active Natural
647004HO Diamond Oil Active Natural
Fiana 640080HO Diamond Oil Active White
Rhone 647002HO Diamond Oil Active Extra White

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Apply a small amount of the Montage Touch Up Stain on a cloth or sponge and rub it into the area. Make sure to rub oil into the floor until the area is uniform.
  2. Wipe off the excess Touch-Up Stain with a soft cloth until the repair looks uniform and make sure the stain blends in with the rest of the floor.
  3. Leave Touch-Up Stain to dry for 1 hour.
  4. Then apply a small amount of the WOCA Diamond Oil Active with a cloth and rub it into the area.
  5. Leave Diamond Oil Active to dry over night.
  6. After 1 week the surface is fully hardened.
  7. Then continue routine cleaning with WOCA Natural Soap as per the recommended Care & Maintenance Instructions

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