Can You Change the Color of Your Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are an excellent investment for any home or business. But in any given situation, you might find yourself wanting to change them up. Maybe you’ve moved into a new home. Or your current floors haven’t gotten a lot of TLC in several years. Or maybe, you simply want to change their look altogether. No matter your reason, it all leads us to the same question: Can you change the color of your hardwood floors?

The simplest answer? Yes! The more complicated answer? It’s gonna take some work. But with the right products and guidance from WOCA Woodcare, you can change the color of your hardwood floors to create a new and fresh look in your favorite space.


Before we dive into changing the color of your hardwoods, it’s important to know why WOCA’s oils are the optimal choice. Typical oil finishes contain strong, sometimes dangerous chemicals and don’t offer the strongest layer of protection. Why? Because even though they penetrate hardwoods, they don’t harden. 

On the other hand, WOCA’s oils do harden, creating a durable and protective surface that becomes part of your wood floor. As a result, your hardwoods can withstand normal wear and tear, small scratches, and indentions better than other oils. Another perk: all of WOCA’s products (oils included) are plant-based, nonpolluting, and as responsible for the environment as they are your home.

Using WOCA Diamond Oil Active

Our first penetrating oil, WOCA Diamond Oil Active, is perfect for changing your hardwood floors’ color. With ten color options to choose from, you can find the best match for your space. Not to mention, Diamond Oil Active can be used on all wood species, including exotic woods, and is resistant to spills like water, tea, coffee, wine, and much more.

How to use it on your hardwood floors

Follow these steps to change the color of your hardwood floors using Diamond Oil Active.

  1. Sand your floors to grit 120-150.
  2. Ensure the product, room, and floor temperature is between 59-86° F.
  3. Prep your floors with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner. Note: This step is not optional. Let dry for at least 8 hours.
  4. Thoroughly shake your can of Diamond Oil Active before and during use.
  5. Apply Diamond Oil Active using a short-bristled paint roller (1/4") in an even coat.
  6. Let the oil penetrate for 10-15 minutes. If the oil soaks quickly into the wood, apply more.
  7. Polish the oil into the wood until the floor appears saturated. Use a buffing machine with a red or white pad.
  8. Remove excess oil with dry, lint-free cotton cloths or pads until the surface no longer appears wet.
  9. If you need a second coat, apply within 6-12 hours of the first coat. Use 3 ounces of Diamond Oil Active per 110 sq. ft. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to ensure the oil is polished thoroughly. 

After 24 hours, you can use your floor with caution. However, the ideal wait time is 3-5 days to fully cure and harden. During that time, you should not expose your floor to water or cleaning products.

Pro tip: Not sure which color will look best on your floors? Experiment with a Diamond Oil Active Tester first!

With Master Color Oil

 WOCA Master Color Oil — performs double duty. That’s because it provides color and an oil finish all in just one step. You can choose from nine different colors, each with super-fine pigments. And if you can’t quite decide on a color, you can mix your own custom color!

How to use it on your hardwood floors

  1. Sand your floors to grit 100-120. 
  2. Prep the wood floors with a solution of ¼ cup of WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner per 1 gallon of water. Note: This step is not optional.
  3. Shake your container of Master Color Oil well before and during application. 
  4. Apply the oil in an even coat with a low-nap paint roller onto an area of 100-200 sq. ft. Let the floor absorb the oil for 20 minutes. 
  5. Work the oil into the wood with a red pad manually. For large areas, use a buffer. Polish the floor until it appears saturated with oil.
  6. Remove excess oil with lint-free cloths, or scrape with a squeegee onto the next section of the floor to be oiled.
  7. Buff the floor with lint-free cloths under white polishing pads. The floor should not appear wet, and no excess oil should be left on the surface after polishing. Continue in sections until the whole floor has been finished.
  8. Wait for 6-8 hours, or when the floor is dry enough to walk on.  
  9. Buff the floor with a white polishing pad and color oil. No excess oil should be left on the surface. 
  10. After 6-8 hours, cover walking areas with corrugated cardboard for the 72-hour hardening period. Do not expose the floor to water during this time.

Change your hardwood floor color with WOCA

Change your hardwood floor colors with WOCA - Dog on a light color hardwood floor

A freshly colored hardwood floor can transform your entire space and bring it to life again. With WOCA Woodcare oils, you can make it happen!  And to make them last even longer, protect your like-new hardwoods with WOCA’s cleaning and maintenance products. They’ll not only keep your floors looking beautiful but will help them stay strong and durable for years to come. Explore our natural wood care collection today!

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