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WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner
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WOCA Wood Cleaner is to be used before a wood floor is oiled. Use before first time or maintenance oiling. WOCA Wood Cleaner opens the grain to ensure maximum penetration from the oil.

WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner Spray
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WOCA Intensive Cleaner Spray is pre-mixed and easy to use. It is used for basic cleaning and removing grease on untreated, oiled, lacquered or soaped indoor wood surfaces. Can be used on wood work such as furniture, staircases, doors, panels...


WOCA Interior Wood Preparation Products

Interior Wood Care Products & Cleaners

Keep your hardwood floors, wood furniture, and wooden surfaces shining with WOCA interior wood care products and cleaners. Our products are plant-based, non-polluting, and sustainable so that you can keep your wood in top shape, naturally.

Interior Wood Care with WOCA

Give new life to your hardwood floors and wood furniture. Our interior wood cleaners, mops, wood lyes, and oils extend the life of your interior wood fixtures while keeping them spotless. Use WOCA Master Soap for regular cleanings and protect your floors with WOCA Diamond Oil. Cleaning even the largest hardwood surfaces is made easy with our range of spray mops, polishing pads, and spot treatments.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Properly cleaning and caring for your hardwood floors can help extend the life of your flooring for years to come. Use a soft or spray mop to clear the floor of dirt and debris. A natural hardwood soap can help strengthen and protect your floors, especially if you clean them frequently. Got tough-to-treat stains or dirt? An intensive cleaner can be used to spot-treat problem areas.

If you’re looking to do a full makeover of your hardwood floors, an oil-based wood finish can help strengthen and protect wood while staining to the natural color of your choice. Prep floors with an intensive cleaner, which opens the grain to ensure the oil sinks in properly. Use a paint roller or paintbrush to apply the oil to clean floors, let the oil absorb for 5-10 minutes, then use a patina disk or polishing cloth to saturate the floors with oil. Let the oil harden for 3-5 days and enjoy your like-new hardwood floors!

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