Creating the Ultimate Hygge Home: 5 Cozy Design Ideas

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a lot more than just a popular design or an up-and-coming trend — it’s a lifestyle. Inspired by Danish culture, hygge is a word used to describe an environment or mood that’s comfortable, cozy, and promotes well-being. But what if you could capture the essence of hygge inside your own home? 

The good news is: you can! Here are some of our favorite hygge design ideas to make your home feel like the cozy sanctuary you deserve.

Cozy lighting

One of the easiest (and most budget-friendly) ways to practice hygge is to introduce soft and cozy lighting. It can help set the right mood in any room in your home, creating instant relaxation. Some of the best go-to hygge lighting includes:

    • Candles (and lots of them!)
    • Lamps
    • Fireplace
    • Replacing old lightbulbs with warmer, softer ones
    • Hanging string or fairy lights (on your mantle, above your bed, on your patio...anywhere!)

Don’t limit yourself here - add elements of cozy lighting throughout your entire home to make every room feel like it’s own personal oasis. 

Plush accessories

Nothing says comfort and relaxation like beautiful plush and faux fur accessories. Not to mention, they’re great for keeping you extra warm during the winter months. Plush doesn’t have to be limited to just your bed, though. Place it throughout your home to make every single seating (or standing) area feel inviting for you and guests. Some of our favorite plush and faux fur additions include:

    • Throw pillows
    • Blankets
    • Rugs
    • Floor cushions
    • Dining room chair cushions

And just like cozy lighting, there can never be too much plush in your home.

Make every day a spa day

Life can be incredibly busy and chaotic, leaving little time in the day for relaxation and self-care. But leading a hygge lifestyle means practicing those every day, and what better way to set yourself up for success than creating your own spa-like environment? Whether it’s a quick shower or a relaxing soak, you can still make your bathroom feel like a haven with things like:

    • Candles
    • Plush robes and towels
    • Installing a sauna or steam shower
    • Upgrading your tub
    • A sound system to play relaxing music
    • Plush rugs
    • Plants
    • Bathtub trays and caddies

Create nooks

Nooks are the ultimate cozy haven; they’re your own personal space to relax, read, drink a warm beverage, and just be. The best part? They don’t have to take up a lot of room in your home. It can be as simple as doing things like:

    • Adding a comfortable chair next to a window
    • Repurposing small closets
    • Building a bench or shelf in window spaces
    • Hanging a cozy swinging chair
    • Optimizing space under staircases
    • Incorporating multi-purpose footrests

As you’re crafting your perfect nook, don’t forget the ultimate hygge elements like pillows, blankets, lighting, and candles. 

Keep it natural (and neutral)

When we think of hygge, we typically don’t picture bold, bright, or loud colors. The key to the ultimate hygge home is keeping your color palette simple. Go for a neutral, monochromatic look and feel, and add some natural textures like wood, wool, and leather.

For your furniture and floors, use a natural wood oil like WOCA Diamond Oil Active. Whether you’re repurposing old furniture pieces or warming up your hardwood floors, our all-natural wood oil will help bring out natural tones that blend seamlessly with the rest of your hygge decor.  

Create your very own hygge home with WOCA Woodcare

Your home should be the one place you feel safe, secure, and at rest. And a big part of that means taking good care of your floors and furniture pieces for years to come. With WOCA Wood Care, you can do just that to achieve the perfect balance of cozy and comfort inside your hygge home. Explore our entire interior collection today!

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