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Antique Lye Tester

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* PLEASE NOTE * Due to the Sodium Hydroxide found in Antique, Driftwood and Softwood Lye, the product has been deemed hazardous by the Department of Transportation and requires special documentation and transportation. A $75.00 Hazmat Fee per 1 box (4 containers) is mandated by the Department of Transportation and is required for ground shipping.


WOCA Antique Lye has been specially developed to produce an ammonia smoked appearance to oak wood. Results vary.

  • Gives oak wood an ammonia smoked appearance
  • Requires subsequent treatment with oil
  • For use on oak wood only
  • Does not contain pigments
  • Certified by IBR


WOCA Antique Lye Tester Details

WOCA Antique Lye Tester is an affordable way to sample WOCA Antique Lye on your wood surface. Antique Lye has been specially developed to produce an ammonia smoked appearance to oak wood. This product is user-friendly but corrosive and should be handled with caution during application. Since the product reacts with the tannic acid in the oak, the color after application may vary depending on the concentration of tannin in the wood. However, it creates a unique color and Vintage appearance. The final color will first be achieved after 1-2 months.
Wear suitable acid proof protective clothing, gloves and eye goggles for protection.
  1. The unfinished woodwork must be sanded finely (grit 100-120), clean, dry before application of the lye.
  2. Shake the container. Pour the lye into a plastic bucket and stir regularly in order to get a uniform result.
  3. Apply an even coat of the lye with the WOCA Applicator, a nylon brush or roller lengthwise along the grain. Apply at least 34 fl oz of lye to 129 sq ft of wood. On vertically mounted woodwork, apply from bottom to top.
  4. Leave lye primed wood to dry for approx. 2-4 hours at 68 °F (the wood must be completely dry).
  5. Clean the floor with 4.2 fl oz Wood Cleaner mixed into 1.3 gallon water. Leave to dry for 24 hours at 68 °F.
  6. De-nib standing fibers with a fine sanding polishing pad before the final basic treatment. Subsequently, vacuum clean the floor.
  7. Finish the wood surface with one of the well-known WOCA oils.
  8. Clean tools in water after use.

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