Is It Better to Stain or Paint Wood Floors? The Differences Between Wood Staining vs. Painting
There's a lot to love about staining hardwood floors. Staining can emphasize the natural beauty of the wood, adding colors from subtle to bold and enhancing the look of the wood's grain and texture.

But painting may be an option to consider if you're looking for a more uniform, even look or are dealing with wooden flooring that’s been neglected, damaged, or too worn. Keep reading for a closer look at wood staining vs. painting and when each option is best suited for your project.

What's the Big Difference? 

Whether you choose to paint or stain your wood floors, both options can give you the desired look you’re after. So what is the primary difference? Paint is more masking, and can conceal imperfections and provide a way for you to get life out of flooring that may otherwise need to be replaced. It can also be a lengthier process than staining when several coats of paint are required.

Staining hardwood flooring is typically a much simpler process than that of painting. Staining involves applying a high-quality colored stain to the wooden surface and allowing it to penetrate the wood and harden. The result is a more organic, rejuvenated look with your choice of color and finish.

Different Wood Floor Colors - s It Better to Stain or Paint Wood? The Differences Between Wood Staining vs Painting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Painting vs. Staining 

Before you get started, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each method when deciding between painting and staining wood floors.

Painting provides a good option for flooring that's seen better days, but it can be more time-consuming to apply and may require multiple coats. While both procedures require preparation such as cleaning and sanding, painting requires the additional step of primer, which may require multiple coats, leading to increased drying time.

Paint can provide a uniform look but may mask the best, naturally attractive features of hardwood flooring, providing little benefit over lookalike laminates or even laminated flooring.

Stain is also generally easier to apply than paint and requires fewer steps in the preparation and application process. Staining is less time-consuming, with most jobs taking a day or two to complete. And, because staining is more durable than paint, it requires less maintenance over time.

Though freshly painted wood can look even, don’t forget to consider how it will look over time. Painting has the added drawback of looking worse between re-applications. Painted floors tend to chip and flake more visibly, leading to a worn-down look that can be much less appealing. While stained wooden flooring may fade over time and require re-application, it will generally do so in a steady manner.

Staining wood floors is a simpler process than painting and provides a more natural look. However, a stain alone may not be the best option for flooring with a lot of blemishes or visible damage.

Is It Better to Stain or Paint?

The decision between painting and staining wood floors ultimately comes down to a matter of personal choice. If you’re looking for a more immediate, drastic look to conceal blemished wood, painting may be your best short-term option. Painting can also be a viable option for smaller furniture or fixtures if you want a more heavily pigmented finish.

If you’re looking for a refresh that shows off the beauty of your  well-maintained, natural hardwood flooring, staining is the best choice. Keep your home’s style top of mind and evaluate the amount of time and effort you’re willing to spend on the project upfront and on a regular basis to achieve your desired result.

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