Are Penetrating Oil Products Safe for Floors With Radiant Heat?

Floors with radiant heat were once considered a luxury feature in homes, especially in the 1980s. However, more homeowners are turning to radiant heat today because it can sometimes be more energy efficient than forced-air heating. This is especially true in homes with large rooms or high ceilings, where it’s more difficult to circulate warm air. 

Typically, radiant heat is placed beneath floors like laminate and tile. But now, many are putting it under hardwoods, so they can have floors that feel good and look good. But it raises an important question: Are penetrating oil products safe for hardwoods with radiant heat? How should you care for hardwood floors with radiant heat?

Deciding if oil finishes are safe

The long and short: Yes, you can use penetrating oils on your radiant hardwood floors. However, it does depend on the type of oil finish you use on them. 

Here’s what we mean: Traditional oil finishes dry on the wood, creating a ‘seal’ on top. That seal can be vulnerable to radiant heat, making your floors more susceptible to damage over time.

WOCA's penetrating oils, on the other hand, penetrate and harden inside the wood without creating a seal. Because there’s no seal on top, there’s no seal to be broken from temperature and humidity changes in your home that can make the wood expand and contract. WOCA oils breathe with the wood and because the oil also hardens inside the wood, not on top, your floors have an extra layer of protection they need to last for years to come.

Penetrating oils you can use on radiant heat floors

WOCA Woodcare offers two types of penetrating oils that are safe for any hardwood floors — including ones with radiant heat. 

  • Diamond Active Oil provides an extremely durable wood finished and can be used on any wood species. And with nine colors available, you can choose the perfect finish for your new radiant heat floors.
  • Master Color Oil, you can apply your color and oil finish in just one step. This works well with woods like ash, oak, larch, spruce, teak, and cork. Choose from any of the nine oil colors or make your own custom mix for a unique look unmatched in any other home.

WOCA’s penetrating oils are not only safe for your radiant heat floors; they’re safe for your family and the environment. That’s because all of our products are plant-based and contain no artificial color pigments or preservatives. They are also low VOC, so you don’t have to worry about using them indoors and around babies or pets.

Turn to WOCA for the safest and most sustainable woodcare products

Whether you’re upgrading to radiant heat floors, changing the color of your hardwoods, or just want to use better (and safer products), turn to WOCA Woodcare. With everything from penetrating oils to cleaning and maintenance products, you can ensure your hardwood floors last (and look good) for years to come. Browse our entire interior woodcare collection today!

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