Which WOCA Oil Is Best For My Wood Finishing Project?

 Trying to decide which WOCA Penetrating Oil is right for you?

WOCA Master Color Oil and Diamond Oil Active, all share the properties that WOCA is known for:
WOCA Oil benefits

From a handmade chair to wood flooring for an International airport, each WOCA Oil has its own unique advantages. Check out the following COMPARISON CHART to determine which WOCA Penetrating Oil best suits your project.


Master Color Oil Diamond Oil Active
WOCA Denmark Master Color Oil WOCA Diamond Oil Active
*Coverage 300 square foot per can 630 square foot per can
Colors 11 9
Sheen Matte Matte
Ideal for... Low traffic homes, bedrooms, furniture, walls, ceilings, tables, trim, doors, cabinetry. High traffic homes, kitchens, high traffic commercial spaces, restaurants, retail, offices.
Dry Time 12-24 hours 24 hours
Fully Cured 5-7 days 5-7 days
*approximate, dependent on wood species

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