How to Maintain Your Scandinavian Minimalist Style with WOCA Oil Refresher

Scandinavian interior design is crisp, inviting, and calming. Scandi style emphasizes clean lines, organic fabrics, natural light, and hardwood. Hardwood flooring and furniture have become staples in modern design, whether your décor style draws inspiration from Scandinavian or Japanese styles (or serves as a combination of both).

Nothing is as beautiful, or durable, as hardwood flooring or furniture lovingly crafted from pine, walnut, cedar, or other natural woods. Consequently, maintaining proper Scandinavian style means keeping your wooden furniture or floors looking clean and lustrous.

It’s not difficult to maintain the soft luster of wooden pieces with regular care, either. Scandi style’s emphasis on minimalism makes this look easy to maintain, provided you follow a few basic principles.

Dust with a Soft Touch

For day-to-day maintenance, start by gently dusting with a soft cloth. Dust is made up of tiny, abrasive particles that can quickly dull the finish on furniture or flooring. Over time, even casual use and light traffic can embed dust within protective finishes and gradually cause wear. The good news is that you can stop much of that process early—and often—with regular, careful dusting.

A note of caution here: Resist the temptation to “scrub” away thicker layers of dust or stubborn streaks of grime, as this can force dust through the finish and into the wood itself. (Yikes!) To wipe away fine, topmost surface layers of dust between more regular cleanings, always use a soap specially designed for wood like WOCA Natural Soap.

How to Maintain Your Scandinavian Minimalist Style with WOCA Oil Refresher 2

Take Time to Refresh

While dusting should be done several times a week (if not every day), giving your wooden surfaces a regular cleaning is good practice. Following a biweekly schedule is best; however, if your wooden surfaces see a lot of use, you may opt for weekly cleanings.

For this task, use a product equipped for the job, such as WOCA Oil Refresher. It's available in sizes perfect for larger projects or minor touch-ups. It’s specially formulated to remove accumulated grime and form a protective finish that repels dirt and moisture while extending the life of your hardwood surfaces.

It's easy to use, too. After a thorough dusting, apply the WOCA Oil Refresher according to the directions on the packaging, wipe down surfaces with a cotton cloth or damp mop, and let them dry for an hour or two before resuming regular use.

Have a Spa Day for your Wooden Surfaces

Every so often, your furniture and flooring need some in-depth TLC. Natural oils from skin, dust, and debris can dull and leave a dark film on floors, chairs, tables—anything made of wood.

Periodic deep-cleaning is best thought of as a two-step process. First, choose an intensive wood cleaner that will open the grain of wooden objects and leave the surface ready to receive furniture oil. Then, select a product containing all-natural ingredients and specially formulated for cleaning hardwoods. WOCA’s Maintenance Oil and Maintenance Gel are ideal choices for re-oiling. Both products go on quickly and easily and contain far fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Keep it Light and Simple

Scandinavian style embraces a “less is more” aesthetic that allows your indoor spaces to look and feel open, airy, and natural. Keep that natural glow going with regular wood cleaning, maintenance, and treatment. This not only maintain the wood’s natural beauty but protects the quality of the wood for years to come.

Regular cleanings to your wood surfaces may require more mindfulness—your interiors will only stay as orderly and tidy as you let them—but the tranquility and calm of a well-kept Scandi interior serves as its own reward.

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