How Can I Make My House More Energy Efficient During the Summer?
Hot enough for you? It’s that time of year again, and longer days and summer weather bring higher temperatures inside and out. Even if your summer routine involves catching some rays on your outdoor deck, you’ll likely want a cool place to retreat to when you’ve had enough solar energy for one day.

Soaring temperatures don’t have to drag your energy bills up with them. There are steps you can take to make your house more energy efficient during the summer. That means you keep your cooling budget smaller (and your vacation budget bigger).

Manage the summer heat and maximize comfort by using these tips to make your home the coolest place possible. 

Wooden Floors — More Than Cool Looking

If you’re looking at making a bigger change, consider the benefits of wooden floors for energy efficiency and overall sustainability.

Wooden floors are a timeless classic, lending natural beauty to every room of your house. Did you also know they’re much  cooler than other kinds of flooring? Wooden floors are much less prone to absorbing heat during the hottest part of the day, making them less likely to leave you stuffy or sweaty in the afternoons and evenings.

Carpet, linoleum, and vinyl flooring can all hold on to heat long after the sun goes down, while wooden floors act as a natural insulator. The cellular structure of natural wood traps air, which reduces the passage of heat from one floor to another and helps wood flooring stay cool longer and lose heat faster.

Keep It Clean and Clear

Polished wood floors reflect more light than they absorb which also helps reduce heat buildup inside your home. One of the most practical ways to keep your home cool in the summer is to ensure your floors stay clean, bright, and clear of clutter that can absorb heat.

A clean floor is a happy floor, and maintaining your wood floor will also help it cope with the extreme temperatures and high humidity that the summer brings to many parts of the country. Of course, the natural sunlight exposure inside your home has a lot to do with this so take note of which rooms in your home tend to generate the most heat.

Looking for a one-stop kit to kickstart summer cleaning? The WOCA Premium Cleaning Kit has everything you need to keep your wooden flooring shining (and your interiors cool) all summer. Or, if you’re simply looking for safe, natural cleaning solutions designed specifically for wood, check out our selection of individual cleaning and maintenance products to make summer cleaning a breeze.

Monitor and Upgrade Old Appliances

It’s important to check the condition of your essential appliances, especially your HVAC system, regularly during the summer. Listen for any strange noises, inspect the exterior for any visible wear and tear, and ensure you regularly clean and replace your air filters.

When you use old appliances, your home could be utilizing more energy than necessary. A modern, energy-efficient model can improve the comfort of your home while cutting down on overall energy consumption.

Use Window Coverings and Shades

How Can I Make My House More Energy Efficient During the Summer? - Window Shades

You can block out unwanted heat during the summer by outfitting your home with energy-efficient window treatments such as high-insulation blinds and adjustable pleated shades. These treatments are designed with light-blocking liners that redirect the sun’s rays outdoors, cooling your home.

Pair these window treatments with a programmable thermostat for the ultimate convenience and energy efficiency. Setting your thermostat higher when no one is home will keep energy costs low—and is much better than just turning it off before you leave in the morning. No one likes coming home to a house that feels like an oven, and turning your AC on when you get home stresses the system and can result in a higher energy bill (and is much less comfortable).

Don’t Forget Your Biggest Fan

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home during the summer month and keeping them running is more cost-effective than running the AC. 

Not only can they keep a room cool, but they can help distribute the air throughout your house, keeping the air circulating away from windows and entranceways and increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. More efficient air circulation also helps reduce dust and airborne allergens which will leave you and your loved ones breathing easier and feeling cooler.  Just remember to turn your fans off before you leave the house!

Turn Up the Cool, Turn Down the Costs 

Whether it’s in the middle of sweltering summer heat or not, we believe your home should always feel like your oasis. Consider energy-efficient methods like these to find cool relief during the summer months–your energy bills will thank you!

Looking for more tips on getting the most out of your wooden flooring or transforming your home into your special place? Click here to explore more top tips from WOCA’s wood care experts.

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