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Maintenance Oil Diamond Active
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Maintenance Oil Diamond Active revitalizes oil-treated wood Resistant to liquids such as water, coffee, tea and red wine Resistant to scratches and marks Gives the wood a beautiful, breathable surface IBR-certified Keep your wood floors looking their best with the...

WOCA Maintenance Gel
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WOCA Maintenance Gel is for the care and maintenance of oiled indoor wooden surfaces and floors. The oil is quick-drying and leaves an attractive, water and dirt-repellent surface, leaving wood even more durable.  Maintenance Gel is suitable for furniture, kitchen...

Commercial Cleaning Oil
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WOCA Commercial Oil is for cleaning and re-oiling wood floors in a single process. For high traffic flooring where deep cleaning and oiling is needed with a quick turnaround time (2 hour dry time at 68 F).

Commercial Cleaning Oil Kit
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The Commercial Cleaning Oil Kit from WOCA is designed for deep cleaning and re-oiling plain sawn hardwood floors and end grain wood flooring. With a 2 hour dry time at 68 degrees F and full cure in 24 hours, it's...


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