What Happens If You Get Rain on Deck Stain? 7 Tips to Minimize Rain Damage & Protect Your Deck This Spring

When springtime rolls around, many people naturally flock to their outdoor spaces. Wooden decks and patios get plenty of use as the weather warms up and evenings get longer. As it comes time to break out the fresh patio decor, a little deck TLC is needed to get the job started. After all, the effects of winter can be rough on exposed wooden surfaces. Chances are, your deck needs a touch-up to keep it protected from the elements as you head into the season.

The sometimes unpredictable weather this time of year can make this challenging. Plus, for newly stained decks, rain on deck stain may cause blotchiness, flaking, and other issues that can be unattractive and inconvenient to repair.

Protect your deck and ensure your deck stain isn’t vulnerable to rain this spring. Here’s a list of 7 tips you can practice to get the exterior areas of your home ready to enjoy the weather—whatever it may be!

What Happens If You Get Rain on Deck Stain? 7 Tips to Minimize Rain Damage & Protect Your Deck This Spring 2


Effects of Rain on a Freshly Stained Deck

Rain on deck stain that’s been freshly applied can lead to problems. When rainwater gets into the wood, it can dilute and soften the stain, allowing it to be washed away or reducing its effectiveness. Rain can also cause the wood to swell and contract, leading to cracking, splitting, and warping.

A good deck stain should be water-resistant and provide protection against UV rays, but if it starts to rain before the stain has had a chance to dry completely, it can cause complications.

7 Tips to Minimize Rain Damage and Protect Your Deck this Spring

1. Check the Weather Forecast

The warmer seasons can bring unpredictable weather patterns. Always check the weather forecast before staining your deck. If precipitation is expected, hold off until the weather improves. Elect for a time period with no chance of precipitation for at least 48 hours and the temperature is above 50°F. Taking this precaution will allow the stain enough time to dry completely after application.

2. Choose a High-Quality Deck Stain

Quality is king. Choosing a high-quality deck stain that is rich in color, water-repellent, and specifically designed to treat exterior wood surfaces is essential to protect your deck from rain damage. WOCA Exterior Oil is a water and plant-based product that penetrates the wood and works from the inside out without cracking, peeling, or flaking. It’s made to strengthen the outdoor wood and keep it protected from rain and UV rays simultaneously.

3. Apply the Stain Correctly

Rain can exacerbate uneven coloration, especially if the deck stain is not applied to the deck properly. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely when applying the stain. Apply it evenly and use a quality applicator pad, brush, roller, or sprayer to ensure the stain penetrates the wood fibers. Even though careful application is always encouraged, choosing a forgiving application that doesn’t leave lap marks or streaking is ideal.

Check out our easy-to-follow application instructions tab for exterior wood oil.

4. Keep Your Deck Clear of Leaves, Dirt, and Debris

Leaves, dirt, and debris left on an outdoor wooden deck can trap moisture, especially when it rains. This can mar a stain finish while also creating a moist environment for potential mold or mildew. Keep your deck clear of anything that can cause water accumulation by sweeping it regularly. Before applying fresh stain, always use a reliable, designated exterior wood cleaner. Use this exterior deck cleaner for wood decking (as well as outdoor furniture, siding, brick, stone pavers, concrete, and outdoor tile). It’s the perfect step to take to combat dirt or potential mold while cleaning and prepping your deck for a more efficient coat of stain.

5. Fix Damage Promptly

If you notice any damage to your deck, fix it promptly to avoid the situation getting worse. Rain on your deck can cause it to weather more quickly, and damaged spots leave the wood at risk. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots and apply a touch-up coat of stain.

6. Consider Deck Coverings

Consider adding a covering to your outdoor space, such as an awning or patio umbrella, to protect your deck from rain, hail, or even snow in the winter months. A patio umbrella or awning not only prevents damage but it allows you to spend more time outside enjoying your deck, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. As a bonus, the added shade provides privacy and UV protection for you and your family or guests.

7. Use a Wood Protector Regularly

Continuous and preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your deck at its cleanest and strongest when unpredictable weather rolls around. Use a high-quality wood protector to maintain your exterior wooden surface, banish dirt and grease, and provide an extra layer of protection against rain and moisture. A multi-protector like this one is also conveniently suited for window frames, siding, and other parts of your outdoor space.

No Rain on This Parade: Keep Your Deck Protected

Prolonging the appearance and longevity of your outdoor spaces is important to you. That’s why it’s important to take precautionary measures against rain damage. When you pay attention to weather patterns, conduct regular cleaning and maintenance, and properly apply a high-quality oil-based deck stain, you’re in a great position.

At WOCA, we know that a well-maintained outdoor space you can enjoy makes a world of difference. That’s why we offer premium products to keep your deck looking its best while withstanding the harsh effects of rain and other environmental factors. Don't leave your deck vulnerable—choose WOCA Woodcare for unparalleled protection. Explore our range of outdoor products to find the perfect solution for your deck.

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