5 Home Cleaning & Organizing Tips for Better Productivity in 2023

We wish each other a happy new year every January, but we often forget to stop and think about what that means—or the small efforts we can make to ensure our own lives are truly set up for more happiness, tranquility, and growth.

Making new year’s resolutions is a great way to set goals and make positive changes, and one of the best places to start is right at home.  Something as simple as a home cleaning and organizing project to start the year off on the right foot can lead to significant increases in your productivity (and overall peace of mind) as you take on the months to come.

Don’t Stress—Celebrate!

Before you start, remember that keeping any resolution takes time, effort, and consistency. It’s essential to keep your expectations reasonable and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Keeping a clean and organized home can feel daunting, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. But a little bit of planning and a few changes in your mindset can go a long way in helping you maintain a home that’s both functional and tidy. Along the way, celebrate progress and small victories instead of focusing on imperfections.

1. Set Cleaning Goals And Resolutions For The Year

Before you start cleaning everything in sight, list the specific areas and tasks you want to focus on in the coming year. This will prevent you from overexerting yourself before you get to the biggest task you were hoping to tackle. Cleaning goals might include decluttering a particular room or area (perhaps it’s that garage or basement), refreshing those kitchen cabinets, setting up a system for regularly washing bedding and towels, or setting a routine to regularly clean and maintain wooden surfaces like countertops and tables. Whatever it is, using clearly stated goals will help you get clear with your intentions and keep you on track.

2. Schedule Home Cleaning And Organizing Tasks

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Scheduling is your secret weapon. In day-to-day life, it’s easy to forget about something we wanted to do if we don’t have a specified time slot for it. Sometimes, this leads to more stress and guilt.

Drafting a plan upfront will help you stay organized and consistent while ensuring that tasks are actually manageable. Consider dividing chores into daily, weekly, and monthly categories, and assigning specific duties to certain days of the week. For example, you might schedule daily tasks like wiping down countertops and doing dishes but select vacuuming and mopping as weekly tasks. Monthly tasks might look more like deep cleaning the fridge or changing out those air filters.

Leave stressing about when you’ll have time for chores in the past. When you create a unique plan that works for you, you’ll feel more confident knowing you have a designated time block for all of your priorities and take back charge of your time.

3. Invest In High-Quality Cleaning Supplies

You know the old saying, “quality over quantity”? It rings true when it comes to keeping your home clean and organized, too. The right cleaning products can make a monumental difference in the effectiveness and ease of your cleaning routine. Especially when it comes to your wooden surfaces, if you’re using the wrong cleaners, you may be subjected to more work later on. Whether that be sticky residue or even damage to your surfaces, avoid the hassle with safe, reliable products.

WOCA offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products designed for wooden flooring, countertops, tables, and furniture. All WOCA products are environmentally friendly and made with sustainable, ecological ingredients to give your home an inviting glow without harsh chemical cleaners.

Take the convenience one step further: Tie your cleaning product purchases into your schedule by using a supply subscription service. That means safe, top-quality products for your home, and one less thing to have to remember for you.

4. Assess Your Plan and Build On Your Efforts

With every resolution, it’s important to re-evaluate your efforts after you’ve spent some time with it. After you’ve tried out your new cleaning schedule for a week or two, assess how it’s going. Which parts of it are working well and which parts are less realistic? Don’t be afraid to re-prioritize and re-work the schedule. After all, it should be designed to fit you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of whole home cleaning and organizing, it may mean you need to get more specific with your schedule and break the jobs down into even smaller, more manageable tasks. Achieving little bits of progress in a consistent, sustainable way is more effective than biting off more than you can chew and giving up altogether.

5. Transform Cleaning Into a Fun Habit

One of the keys to maintaining a clean and organized home is to establish a regular schedule, but challenge yourself to think of it as more than a routine. On a larger note, cleaning and organizing are ways to pursue sustainable living and to set yourself up for increased productivity and peace of mind.

When you begin to associate benefits and a positive mindset with regular cleaning and organizing, you may even begin to enjoy it. Plus, you have our full permission to break out the speakers and blast your favorite playlist while you do it.

Out With the Old, in With the New

A home that is messy or unorganized holds you back. Set yourself up for success and productivity this year by following these tips to establish a positive mindset and a regular cleaning routine. A clean, orderly home allows you to spend more time with those you love and enjoy the welcoming space that you deserve.

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