Top Hardwood Floor Color Trends for 2020

A new year usually comes with an entirely new list of to-dos, goals, and resolutions. For many of us, that includes revamping or making improvements to our homes. If 2020 is finally your year to install or revive your hardwood floors, we’ve got you covered. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect hardwood floor for your home, there are a number of factors to consider, like style, tones, and textures. But one of the most important decisions for your hardwood floor typically comes down to a single feature: color. While it may look like an overwhelming task to take on, we’re here to help you see things a little more clearly with this year’s top hardwood floor color trends. 

Top Bespoke Colors 

The most popular color trends this year can only be created with pretreatments and pigmented oils for a unique look you won’t find anywhere else. Some other benefits to customizing a hardwood floor with a pretreatment include:  

  • Richer color
  • Contrasting colors
  • A patina-like texture
  • A two-dimensional effect

Here are some of our favorite pretreatment hardwood color trends for 2020.

Pre-color White + Diamond Oil Active Extra White

 pre-color white hardwood floor with WOCA Diamond Oil in Extra White

If you want to add brightness to your home, a white, pre-colored hardwood floor with our WOCA Oil Active in Extra White is the way to go. The durable wood finish adds subtle texture while maintaining its original color. 

Wood Lye White + Diamond Oil Active White

wood lye white hardwood floor with WOCA Diamond Oil in Active White

A wood lye white hardwood floor is a great option if you’re not quite ready to commit to (or clean) an all-white floor. When treated with our Active White Diamond Oil, you can bring out contrasting colors while achieving a slight two-dimensional effect. 

Wood Lye Grey + Diamond Oil Active Concrete Grey


wood lye grey hardwood floor with WOCA Diamond Oil in Concrete Grey

One of the top hardwood color trends this year is wood lye gray. Paired with our Concrete Grey Diamond Oil Active, you can stray from more traditional-colored hardwood floors and go for unique ashy tones that will be sure to stand out in any room in your home.

Top Standalone Colors 

If a pretreated hardwood floor isn’t quite your style, there are also standalone color trends that are quite eye-catching. Whether you’re opting for a matte, low-sheen, or satin finish, there are several color options to take your hardwood floors to the next level

Diamond Oil Active Sand Grey

If you’re having a tough time deciding between a light or dark hardwood floor finish, sand gray is a great neutral color option. It’s light enough to liven up your home, yet maintains a rich tone that closely emulates natural wood.

Diamond Oil Active Chocolate Brown

Wood flooring treated with WOCA Diamond Oil Active Chocolate Brown

Can’t decide on one color? Chocolate brown might be the right pick for you. When applied as a standalone color, it can create an eye-catching, two-dimensional effect on your hardwood floors. 


Diamond Oil Active Smoke Brown

Diamond Oil Active Smoke Brown

A dark hardwood floor with light-colored walls is one of the best ways to make a room feel larger. As the darkest hardwood color trend of 2020, this smoke brown finish enhances the incredible textures in your hardwood floor, leaving each square inch different from the next.  

Add Color to Your Home with WOCA Woodcare

Choosing the right color for your new hardwood floors is just the beginning of creating a new space you’ll love. If you’re still not sure which top color trend is right for your home, test out some of your favorite options until you find the perfect match. 

Our entire collection of plant-based hardwood floor products will help you finally tackle that resolution to revamp your home in 2020 — and stick to it for years to come. When you choose WOCA Woodcare, you can have peace of mind you’re using an oil finish that not only looks good but is sustainable and durable.

Check out our interior wood care products to get started on your perfect hardwood floors today. 


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