Top Home Trends for 2021

2021 brought with it a fresh start and likely some new motivation to make your goals happen. If one of your goals is to make your home an even more amazing space for you and your family, you’re probably still wondering where to start. Of course, you also want to make sure that your upgrades or renovations are the right investment for your home. That’s why we’re sharing the top home trends for 2021. See what’s popular right now, and see which 2021 home trends are right for you!

Multi-purpose spaces

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that every single inch of our homes needs to be functional. Because many of us are still working and schooling from home this year, there will be a huge focus on multi-purpose spaces this year. That old utility closet you use for extra storage? Maybe that becomes a small work area. Your spare bedroom? Perhaps that becomes a permanent home office. 

Home offices

Speaking of home offices, we’ll continue to see a focus on this in 2021, too. Even if we see a potential end to the pandemic, several companies and businesses may offer employees the opportunity to permanently work from home (like Square and Twitter did in 2020). As a result, homeowners are getting serious about ditching their makeshift desks at the dining room table and renovating (or adding) extra rooms in their home for a functional home office.

Comfort + quality

Long gone are the days of buying a chair or a piece of furniture just for the look of it. Instead, people are opting for pieces that are actually comfortable and are of high quality. After all, we stayed home more in 2020 than perhaps ever before, forcing us to find comfort and peace there. 


2021’s Color Trend Report shows we’re going to take a break on bold colors for a bit, shifting to softer, more earth-like tones. This, of course, will be reflected inside our homes, too — everything from decor to hardwood floors. Some natural trends we’ll see include:

  • More houseplants and herbs
  • Repurposed wood furniture
  • Lighter hardwood floors (with warmer tones)
  • Textured hardwood floors (think "reclaimed" wood)
  • Neutral home accents

Real hardwood floors

Another 2021 trend that we’re looking forward to? Real hardwood floors. Now that homeowners are putting more time and attention into their homes, they’re willing to make smarter investment choices. Not to mention, real hardwood floors last longer, are more durable, and can be refinished over the years. You can even change the color of them as your style changes. 

Cooler tones

Just as we’ll see warmer hardwood floor trends in 2021, people are also opting for cooler tones. They’re a perfect compliment to anyone with a minimalist decor style, and they don’t require as much maintenance over the years. 

White-washed floors

For those going for more subtlety in 2021, white-washed hardwood floors are the way to go. These are great for homes with a more modern look or those with a relaxed, beach-house style.

Natural finishes

As homeowners opt for a more natural look this year, that also means the finish of their hardwood floors. People are straying away from shiny and glossy floors, opting for more natural, matte looks. If this sounds like you, check out WOCA’s Diamond Active Oil or Master Color Oil. Both have tons of color choices and provide the exact natural finish you want.

More environmentally friendly

Whether you’re upgrading to hardwood floors or refinishing your current ones, 2021 is the year of more environmentally friendly products. Everything from finishing oils to cleaning products, people are becoming more conscious of what they’re using in their homes and how safe it really is. At WOCA, all of our products are plant-based — making them safe for your floors and your family.

Make 2021 a great year with WOCA Woodcare

As you continue to spend time in your home in 2021, make sure you’re giving it the love and care it truly deserves — including your hardwood floors. With WOCA Woodcare, you can find all the sustainable products you need to care for your hardwoods, including cleaning solutions, finishing oils, and much more. Explore our entire interior collection now!

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