Which Popular Deck Stain Color Is Best For Your Home?

Your deck isn’t just a place for neighborhood barbecues or relaxed evenings with loved ones. It’s a design piece, a statement, and it’s a major factor in the look and feel of your home as a whole.

That’s why, when you’re figuring out the right look for your deck, it’s important to have a wide variety of the most popular deck stain colors to choose from. From neutral, all-accommodating tones to exotic and bold styles that pop, this guide covers some of the most popular deck styles and the stain colors you should use to achieve them.

Plus, we’ll also look at a few pro-tips to help you get the most brilliant finish on your newly stained deck.

Popular Deck Stain Colors to Match Your Style

There used to be a time when homeowners like you were confined to just a few deck stain choices. But today, you can make your old deck look brand new with a wide variety of colors, styles, and tones. And with the right exterior wood care oil company, you can find the popular deck stain color to match your unique style.

Below are some style ideas and WOCA Exterior Oil colors to consider.


For that naturally weather-beaten look and eye-catching aged patina, the Driftwood aesthetic is great for complementing whites and beiges or making darker accents really stand out.

Driftwood tones include:


Stone Grey


Reminiscent of rustic farmhouse decor, the Whitewash style gives your deck a hometown feel, fit for backyard get-togethers, holiday celebrations, and any other special occasion. 

Whitewash tones include:




Whether you’re oiling your deck for protection or just looking to give it a brand-new look, neutral tones are perfect for complementing a wide range of colors. As such, they’re great at drawing the eye to other architectural or landscape features.

Neutral tones include:




Scandinavian Forest 

Nothing brings out vibrant greens like the bold blacks of the Scandinavian Forest style. If your landscape is especially lush, try using this type of color to really stand out.

Scandinavian Forest tones include:


Japanese Shou Sugi Ban

The traditional Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban originated in the 18th century and involves charring, cleaning, and preserving wood to last for decades. And you can replicate this striking aesthetic with a range of popular stain colors too.




Thunder Grey

Tropical Resort

While you may not be lounging in a tropical paradise bungalow, you can certainly bring the same feel to your backyard with a range of bright and exotic Tropical Resort stain colors.

Tropical Resort tones include:




Beach House

Bring the salty ocean breeze to your back door by giving your deck the Beach House style you’ve been looking for. These unique hues include both lighter and darker shades to match your style and ambiance.

Beach House tones include:






Tips for Choosing The Right Deck Stain Color For Your Deck

Tips for Choosing The Right Deck Stain Color For Your Deck

Consider the Wood:

Certain types of wood have different undertones that can clash with your stain color. Pine, for example, has a natural green undertone that may need a darker stain to conceal.

Consider the Landscape:

Your landscape’s color palette has an enormous impact on how well your deck complements or clashes with your backyard. Don’t forget about soil color, either. The natural reddish-orange tint of Georgia soil, for instance, can lead to muddy paw prints that draw the eye with lighter stain colors. 

Test Your Stain:

Deck stain colors can look quite different on paper than they do on the actual wood surface. But reputable brands like WOCA have exterior oil testers, so you can test small areas of your deck without breaking the bank.

Clean Your Deck:

Don’t forget to clean the surface thoroughly with a quality deck cleaner, both before applying the tester and before oiling the deck completely.

Find Your Style with WOCA

No matter what style you settle on, it is important that you find the right brand with the colors you need. That’s where WOCA comes in.

WOCA’s Exterior Oils are environmentally-friendly, quick-drying, and available in some of the most varied colors in the industry. So whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with a Shou Sugi Ban look or prefer the tranquil hues of a Beach House style, we have the quality stains you’re looking for.

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