How to Winterize Patio Furniture

Leaning back in a wooden Adirondack chair, gathering together on a wooden deck, or eating meals on a picnic table make great family memories. How do you maintain the wood features of your backyard to make sure you have memories next season, too? The first step is to winterize your wooden patio furniture properly.

While most wood furniture can be left out year-round, it will eventually rot if not treated and cared for properly. Even when lumber is treated, it’s a good idea to add protective measures to preserve your furniture for as long as possible. Winterizing patio furniture is an often forgotten part of caring for your outdoor living space – but we’re sharing how to make it quick and easy below.

How to winterize patio furniture

Start with a deep cleaning

spring-cleaning, an approaching winter, means it’s time to dust things off and clean your outdoor spaces. It’s also essential to clean your outdoor wood furniture with the right products. While most soaps will clean your outdoor surfaces, one formulated specifically to tackle moss growth, dirt buildup, and other outdoor concerns is your best bet for getting your furniture in tip-top shape! Our Exterior Deep Cleaner can take care of all the dirt, grime, and green growth outdoor furniture sees! 

You’ll want to use a scrub brush to help break apart any hardened residue or algae, rub in a lengthwise motion with the grain until clean. This process helps open the pores of the wood up to prep it for protective treatment. After scrubbing off what’s left of those warm weather days, you can get to the crucial part of the process – protecting the wood from the winter ahead.

If untreated, prime the wood

If the wood you are looking to protect is not pressure-treated, you’ll want to use an outdoor wood primer before any oils or protective coating. It’s also a good idea to use a primer on wood that has been treated but may be very old and needs a little livening up!

Be sure the wood has been allowed to dry for at least 24 hours after a deep cleaning before you prime the furniture. You want to be in an area that is dry, not too hot, and away from direct sunlight. Using a brush or paint roller, brush-on primer in a lengthwise motion to avoid overlapping any product. Let dry for at least 24 hours before you add any oils to the furniture!

Protect your exterior wood furniture with oil

Using our exterior wood oils is a safe and eco-friendly way to protect outdoor furniture from UV rays and other outdoor elements. They also add a nice pop of color to your wood and are very easy to use, making winterizing a breeze.

Before you apply any oil to your wood, let your furniture thoroughly dry after deep cleaning. Once the wood is dry, grab a brush, oil applicator, or paint roller and evenly apply the oil onto the wood. After no more than 5 minutes, use a clean cloth to wipe any excess. Make sure you pay extra attention to any grooves or small details when wiping extra oil. You may have to add another layer of oil for larger areas to be sure the surface is fully treated. You want total saturation for maximum absorption and strengthening. 

Because oils are a natural protective barrier, regular reapplication is necessary. Each winter, you will want to treat your patio furniture, deck, or other wood features to ensure that you are ready for upcoming weather changes. We also suggest covering your furniture with a breathable furniture tarp for additional protection.

Keep your exterior wood features in tip-top shape.

WOCA Woodcare carries a variety of plant-based, low VOC, and LEED-certified products for heavy-duty cleaning, maintaining, and protecting your wood furniture year-round. For any of your exterior wood care needs, we’re here.

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