Our Top Tips for Caring for Solid Wood Worktops

Adding a wood butcher block countertop to your kitchen or other space inside your home can add some warmth and farmhouse elegance. But it is a solid piece of wood used frequently for things like prep, cooking, even eating (and the occasional homework session).

If you want to maintain your investment in your solid wood worktop, you need to know how to properly care for one. Thankfully, a butcher block counter is easier to maintain than you might think, and they are durable. Here, we are giving you an easy-to-follow guide on caring for solid wood worktops. 

Proper care tips for a solid wood worktop

Solid wood worktops and butcher block counters are incredibly durable — except for when they get dried out or when water or other liquids are left sitting on them. Those are the two biggest risks to your solid wood worktop, so here are a few tips to avoid them: 

Immediately clean up spills

Be sure to wipe up any spills immediately. Liquids should not be left to pool or stand on your wood counters for any length of time. Water and liquid can penetrate the wood surface and leave water stains, water rings, and other damage. The best way to tackle spills is to use a cotton rag and — if necessary — a soap specially made for wood surfaces.

Avoid direct cutting

Avoid cutting or chopping directly on your butcher block. Be sure to use a cutting board to maintain its durability.

Avoid heat

Do not place hot pans or skillets directly on the surface of your solid wood worktops. This can result in permanent damage or cracks in the wood. 

Use wood-safe cleaners

You can’t use just any counter cleaner on your wood worktop. We recommend using the WOCA Natural Soap Spray for the daily cleaning of your wood countertops. Your butcher block surface needs a high-quality soap with nourishing properties — one that doesn’t strip away the oils. Our Natural Soap Spray quickly closes the pores of the wood to protect the surface against dirt and the penetration of liquids, but still keeps your surface clean.

Remember to oil your surface frequently

Oiling your wood countertops regularly will not only help protect them, but also help them develop a rich shine over time. Oiling is necessary in dry climates and especially in a kitchen near the air conditioning or stove, where the wood can dry up faster. If your wood feels dry or like it is “parched,” that is a sign that it is time to re-oil!

Our WorkTop Oil is especially suited for countertops, tabletops, and similar wood surfaces and is safe for food contact. The oil makes the surface highly water and dirt repellent, too. It’s perfect for those with children. 


Caring for Solid Wood Worktops

How to oil your woodwork surface with WorkTop Oil:


-Prep the wood surface with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner Spray. After applying, let the wood dry completely.

-Stir the oil thoroughly before use.

-Use a paintbrush to apply oil in an even coat.

-Wait approx. 20-30 minutes at a minimum of 68ºF (room temperature) as the oil penetrates into the wood.

-For best results, cut a white or red buffing pad and Patina Disc to fit an orbital hand sander (pad/Disc can also be used to hand polish). Polish the wet oil into the wood until the surface feels smooth and uniform. Keep adding oil and keep polishing until the entire surface feels smooth and uniform.

-Next, wipe off all excess oil using a lint-free cotton cloth. Do not leave any excess oil on the surface.

-Polish the wood using a white polishing pad (by hand or with an orbital sander).

-On highly absorbent wood surfaces, a second oil treatment may be necessary.

-The oil is thoroughly hardened after 24 hours at 68ºF. Do not let the treated surface become wet during the hardening process.

Turn to WOCA for all your wood care

Whether you are looking to maintain your wood surfaces, refinish your hardwood floors, or take care of your outdoor deck, you can rely on WOCA for all your wood care needs. Our eco-friendly refinishing products are safe and long-lasting, made with environmentally responsible ingredients. Check out WOCA’s entire collection of indoor and outdoor wood care products.

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