What Is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture? Top 4 Types of Wood Furniture to Get for Your Deck or Patio

Wood is the natural choice when selecting outdoor furniture for your deck or patio due to its timeless appeal and innate durability. However, not all woods are created equal, especially when standing up against the elements. Keep reading for a look at the 4 most popular types of wood for outdoor furniture and tips on caring for them to keep your deck or patio looking its best.

1. Teak a Break for Best Durability

Teak’s naturally high oil content makes it exceptionally rot and decay-resistant. These oils also make teak water-repellent, giving it a superb ability to withstand the sometimes harsh outdoor elements. Teak is incredibly durable, often lasting decades with minimal care. Examples of popular outdoor teak furniture can include patio dining tables, outdoor benches, and poolside loungers.

2. All Hail Cedar?

Light yet robust, cedar is known for its distinctive fragrance and beautiful color variations. Thanks to its aromatic oils, cedar has an inherent resistance to insects and decay. This makes cedar a fantastic candidate for outdoor applications. Think cedar Adirondack chairs for that perfect summer relaxation spot, or perhaps a cedar pergola to create a charming outdoor living or gathering space.

3. Eucalyptus: Not Just a Koala’s Favorite Snack

Eucalyptus, often compared to teak in terms of durability and aesthetics, is a more affordable option for hardy and attractive wood. With its density and natural resistance to rot and decay, eucalyptus makes brilliant outdoor furniture that will withstand the weather while maintaining its beauty over time. Picture a eucalyptus outdoor dining set enhancing your patio or a beautiful lounging chair next to your pool (but watch out for hungry koalas).

4. Acacia Didn’t Know

Acacia, another durable hardwood, is renowned for withstanding elements. That’s why it’s commonly used in boat building and makes a superb choice for outdoor furniture, too. Its durability, coupled with its stunning appearance, make acacia a worthwhile  choice for any outdoor setting. Acacia wood patio sets or benches are popular choices that ensure longevity and minimize maintenance.

Beautiful Wood Catches the Eye, Quality Care Preserves It

What Is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture? Top 4 Types of Wood Furniture to Get for Your Deck or Patio - Outdoor Wood Table With Chairs

No matter which type of wood furniture you select, its longevity is dependent on the quality of care and maintenance you put into it. One of the best ways to do this is by regularly cleaning and staining your wood furniture or deck with professional-quality products that are designed specifically for wood. 

Routine cleaning is advisable to remove any dirt, bird droppings, food or other stains that might appear on your outdoor furniture. Choose dedicated cleaning products such as WOCA’s Exterior Cleaner — gentle yet effective in removing dirt and grime without damaging the wood.

Then, for wood staining, there are no better solutions than WOCA’s Exterior Oil, designed to nourish and protect outdoor wood while prolonging its lifespan. This high-quality oil penetrates deep into the wood, enhancing its natural beauty while building a hard-wearing, weather-resistant finish. It also provides a robust defense against the harmful effects of fungi and algae, keeping your wood healthy while also accentuating the beauty of the timber.

Choosing Wood Furniture to Revamp Your Relaxation Space

Whether you choose teak, cedar, eucalyptus or acacia for your outdoor furniture, these woods offer an impressive combination of durability and aesthetic appeal suitable for any outdoor space. But remember, proper care and maintenance with quality, made-for-wood products will ensure that your investment continues to be in its best shape and provide you comfort for many years. 

Don’t leave your outdoor wood furniture vulnerable to the elements. Explore WOCA’s exterior collection to transform your outdoor timber pieces into resilient fixtures that level up your outdoor living experience.

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