How to Get An Aged-Gray Wood Look Without Having to Wait

The aged-gray look on wood is growing in popularity with designers and homeowners alike. Its chic yet rustic appearance adds both warmth and style to any space, whether it be a contemporary kitchen or a sun-bathed deck. 

But most homeowners don’t have the months (or even years) to wait while their wood ages to gray naturally.

Quick & Easy: Use a High-Quality Wood Stain

You can, however, avoid all the waiting and guesswork of letting it age naturally. All it takes is finding the right high-quality wood stain. A professional stain ensures a clean, uniform finish without the effort and time it takes to create the stain on your own.

The problem is, most stain suppliers only offer a single shade of gray wood stain. But with WOCA Exterior Oil, we have four unique and gorgeous shades of gray to choose from:

Plus, the plant-based, eco-friendly WOCA Exterior Oil is suitable for use on all wood types. And with four different options to choose from, you can find the right shade for whatever wood you’re working with. Whether you’re trying to lighten up your walnut with Stone Gray or bring out the grain of your teak with Silver.

Tips for Staining Your Deck With an Aged-Gray Finish

How to Get An Aged-Grey Wood Look Without Having to Wait

Be sure to clean your wood surface beforehand to achieve the best results. The surface should be clean and dry before applying the oil. We recommend using an environmentally-friendly cleaner like WOCA Exterior Cleaner to remove mold and dirt. 

Be sure to browse our collection of WOCA Exterior Oil Natural Outdoor Cleaners & Products to make the preparation stage as easy as possible.

Then, all it takes is applying the stain and leaving it to dry. 

Getting An Aged-Gray Look Without Having to Wait

Today, homeowners have a few different options on how to age wood gray without having to wait months. We recommend using eco-friendly and hassle-free WOCA Exterior Oil. And with four unique shades of gray to choose from, we also offer Exterior Oil Testers to make sure you get the right shade for your outdoor space before committing.

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