Deck Maintenance

Proper deck maintenance ensures a beautiful deck that lasts for many years.  This article walks you through the steps to keep your deck clean and protected with environmentally friendly and plant safe, WOCA Denmark outdoor products.

The first step in caring for your deck is keeping it clean.  You may have seen green growth on the surface of your deck.  Green growth leads to early decay, which can shorten the life of your wood. It also creates a slippery surface that can be very dangerous. WOCA Exterior Cleaner effectively removes dirt, green growth, and algae, all while keeping your surrounding plants safe from harsh chemicals.

After cleaning, it is important to protect the wood from the harsh outdoor environment.WOCA Exterior Oil penetrates deep into the wood. Wood stains only sit on the surface of the wood. Adding a layer of protection. WOCA Oil strengthens and hardens the wood from the inside out. It also protects the wood from damaging UV rays and repels water. Your deck will be protected and strengthened. Keeping it beautiful and enhancing the natural beauty and quality of the wood.

Unlike many outdoor products, WOCA products are environmentally friendly. They won't affect the surrounding flowers and plants. There are also 0 VOCs so you and your loved ones won't breathe in harmful toxins.

How to clean and protect your deck

#1 - Cleaning

Soak the wood with water, using a garden hose. Mix WOCA Exterior Cleaner with water in the ratio 1:2 and apply it with a deck brush.

Scrub the soaked wood along the wood grain until the wood appears clean. Repeat the cleaning if necessary. Carefully wash down the surface with water and remove any loose fibers with a stiff brush. Leave the wood to dry for approx. 24 hours. The wood must be completely dry before an oil treatment.

Pro Tip: If your deck is very dirty, you can use Exterior Cleaner undiluted.  (Plants will need to be protected if used undiluted.)

#2 - Application

Stir the WOCA Exterior Oil thoroughly before use. Apply an even thin coat of oil with the WOCA Oil Applicator or a brush. Treat the end grain wood first.

The oil is cream-colored, when it is wet. It may take a few minutes, until the wood gets an oily appearance, as the water has to evaporate first.

Make the application in dry weather only. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.

#3 - Final Polishing

If necessary, wipe off any excess oil with clean cotton cloths after no more than 5 minutes. It is important to remove excess oil from joints and grooves. Repeat the process in case the wood does not appear saturated.

Once the wood is dry, you can polish the surface with a polishing pad or polishing machine to ensure an extra hard-wearing surface. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the oil to harden completely, depending on weather conditions and outdoor temperature.

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  • Lisa Dokken On

    So I have applied WOCA to my indoor and exterior wood floors. But I didn’t realize you could apply it and not necessarily have to wipe with a cloth afterwards if the stain has appeared to have soaked int? Do I understand that correctly? I hate wiping it because it feels like a waste of product and hence money. Woca is not inexpensive. Thank you
    Woca Woodcare replied:
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    It’s best to wipe it off just in case. Any excess oil on top will not completely dry and could casue problems.

    Jennifer Sanderson WOCA Woodcare 877-962-2645

    Sunny, Mar 5, 2024, 2:01 PM EST

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