How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Water Damage

No matter the season or time of year, your hardwood floors endure a lot. Whether you’re tracking in snow and salt from the latest winter storm or soaking your floors from a spring shower, it’s important to keep your hardwood floors protected from water damage. Here, we’re sharing our top maintenance tips and products to keep your floors protected (and looking great) year-round.

Control the humidity in your home

One of the biggest threats to your hardwood floors is humidity, which may often go unnoticed. If you live in an especially humid climate, consider investing in dehumidifiers for your home. They can help pull the moisture from the air that would otherwise penetrate and potentially damage your hardwood floors.

Inspect your plumbing regularly

Another culprit that is often out-of-sight, out-of-mind? Your plumbing. That’s because most people don’t think about it until there’s a major issue with it. But with regular inspections, you can ensure everything is in good shape and working properly, helping avoid future (and costly!) hardwood floor water damage.

Clean up spills immediately

This one may seem a bit obvious, but it’s worth mentioning over and over again. Whether you track in water from your shoes, experience a spill, or even drip a small amount on your floors, make sure you clean it up right away. While your floors may be protected from the products you use, they’re not entirely immune to damage. The best way to tackle spills is to use a cotton rag and — if necessary — a soap specially made for hardwoods.

Use high-quality hardwood floor products

One of the best ways to protect your hardwood floors from water damage is to use products designed to do just that. Everything from your penetrating oil to your daily cleaning products — make sure you arm yourself with the highest-quality solutions that not only maintain your floors, but protect them as well. 

Penetrating oil

Our top pick is WOCA’s Diamond Oil Active, a penetrating oil that’s resistant to water, coffee, tea, and other liquids. Not to mention, it’s made from plant-based materials, ensuring it’s safe for your floors and your family.

Spot remover

If you find yourself dealing with a tough stain, turn to WOCA’s Tannin Spot Neutralizer. It’s designed to remove black spots caused by prolonged moisture exposure to your hardwood floors. This is best used on smaller areas and may require touch ups after use. 

Everyday cleaning

For daily maintenance and spills, it’s important to use a solution that doesn’t just clean messes — but protects your hardwoods simultaneously. That’s where our Natural Soap Spray comes in. This ready-mix product cleans and maintains your floors (and furniture!) by closing the pores of the wood to protect against future dirt and water damage. If you have a larger surface to cover, use the WOCA Spray Mop to cover more ground.

Keep your hardwoods protected with WOCA Woodcare


Hardwood floors are a big investment, so it’s important to put a lot of time and care into protecting them from water damage. With WOCA Woodcare, you can feel good knowing the products you’re using are durable, protective, and completely safe. Explore our entire interior woodcare collection to ensure your hardwood floors last for years and years to come.

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