How to Clean a Wood Deck Without a Pressure Washer

A haven for your family and friends, your deck serves as the heart of outdoor festivities and tranquil moments. An inviting deck doesn't just inspire good times, it amplifies the value of your home. 

Over time, even the finest deck may succumb to the relentless elements, losing its vibrant charm and allure. But don't worry, breathing new life into your cherished outdoor space and making it look brand new doesn’t require loads of effort — or a pressure washer.

In fact, cleaning with a pressure washer can damage the wood finish, leading to splinters, warping, or other problems. Here’s how to clean and restore the natural beauty of your wooden deck without a pressure washer.

Clear the Decks!

The first step is clearing your work area. Move any large furniture, tables, or rugs out of the way while you deep clean your deck.  Be sure to enlist help for any heavy pieces of furniture to avoid injury.

Then, using an outdoor broom, sweep your deck free of any dirt and debris, paying particular attention to corners or spots where dirt and grime might accumulate. After the majority of dirt and dust is taken care of, you can use a garden hose and gently spray any remaining areas of dirt or dust.

Gently Clean Wooden Deck Surfaces

Next, choose a mild cleaning solution that’s appropriate for use on wood. Though some DIY deck cleaning solutions may seem like attractive options, problems may arise that damage your exterior wood surfaces. It’s best to use a solution that’s environmentally-friendly, natural, and specifically formulated for wood.

WOCA’s Exterior Wood Cleaner is the handy tool to minimize the effort and maximize the effect, while being a pet and plant-safe option. Wet the wood with your garden hose. Then, apply the cleaning solution to your deck and use a scrub brush to work it into the grain of the wood. Work in small sections, starting in the corners and working outwards.

Once you’ve scrubbed the whole deck, rinse it thoroughly with a garden hose to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. Be sure to let it dry for a full 24 hours before applying any wood treatments.

clean wooden deck

Restain Your Deck for Maximum Impact

Though a good deep cleaning is a great way to refresh a deck, why not take it a step further to ensure a beautiful deck? After all, thorough cleaning is the first step to prep your deck for staining. 

To make the most of your efforts, apply a fresh coat of color and protection with WOCA Exterior Oil on an oil applicator, brush, or paint roller. Wipe off excess oil with clean cotton cloths after a few minutes and repeat until the wood appears saturated. Then, let the wood dry for at least 24 hours.

With a forgiving and easy application process, WOCA Exterior Oil comes in 14 beautiful colors, made to help you fall back in love with your outdoor wood investment.

Keep Deck and Outdoor Maintenance Regular

You’ll want to seal or stain your deck every two to three years to protect it from the elements and maximize its longevity. Whether doing a deep clean or applying a new coat of stain, regular maintenance between deep cleanings and restaining is essential.

Make it a habit to regularly inspect your deck for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If you notice any damage or discoloration, it’s vital to repair it as soon as possible and address the underlying cause, like overhanging tree limbs or a leaky downspout.

No Pressure! Keeping Your Deck Beautiful Without a Power Washer

Forget the power washer! Trust us, your wooden deck craves a gentler touch. That intense blast of pressure might leave your deck damaged, exposing it to severe issues later on. What you need is a pinch of elbow grease and the help of exterior wood care products designed to preserve the natural beauty of your space.

Ready to embark on this rejuvenating journey? Restore your deck's true potential today with WOCA, your partner in unleashing the magic of your wooden wonderland. Check out our exterior products collection and let’s unleash the magic of your deck.

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