Best Deck Stain for Pressure Treated Wood Decks

Pressure-treated wood is perfect for everything from decks to playscapes, picnic tables, and light posts. Decks built with pressure-treated lumber allow you and your family to make the most of good weather and enjoy the open spaces around your home. However, unfinished pressure-treated wood can be dull and susceptible to damage from harsh weather and sun exposure.

Using the best deck stain for pressure-treated wood deck surfaces will ensure that you safeguard your investment and keep your deck looking great year-round.

Pressure-Treated Wood: How It’s Different & How to Protect It

To take care of pressure-treated wood, it’s important to understand what sets this wood apart. The chemical protection in pressure-treated wood offers plenty of benefits over other wood types, making it a favorite for many homeowners.

Pressure-treated wood:

  • Helps repel insects
  • Defeats decay
  • Resists water or moisture that might be present from ground contact installations
  • Is more affordable than other wood types
  • Has more durability and a longer lifespan

Creating pressure-treated wood involves sealing raw lumber in large, specially-made tanks from which air is extracted. This creates a partial vacuum, into which a mixture of chemicals is added. The pressure forces these chemicals into the lumber. After a sufficient amount of time, the tank is opened, then the lumber is removed and allowed to dry.

Pressure-treated wood will generally appear dull at this stage and can have a green, brown, or grey tinge. This isn’t typically a “finished look” that homeowners find appealing. The careful application of a proper deck stain for a pressure-treated wood deck both beautifies and offers additional long-lasting protection to these wooden surfaces.

To enhance its appearance, only a few simple steps are necessary.

Caring for Your Pressure-Treated Deck

Applying deck stain to wood isn’t complicated and can generally be done in a single afternoon, depending on the specific product and its drying time.

Be sure to give newly-built structures sufficient time to dry before applying oil-based stain, as the stain needs to penetrate the outer layers of wood for the best possible result. With newly purchased wood, this may take longer depending on the climate, time of year, and weather.

An easy way to test pressure-treated wood to see if it’s ready is to sprinkle it with water. The wood is dry enough to stain if it’s absorbed within about ten minutes. If the water beads up or collects, it still needs some time before staining.

Best Deck Stain for Pressure-Treated Wood Decks 2

How to Stain a Pressure-Treated Deck

At this point, you’ll want to remove any blemishes that might be present and ensure the surfaces to be treated are free of dust, dirt, or mildew. Using the proper type of applicator is strongly recommended, as traditional paint rollers or brushes can absorb too much of the stain or otherwise make it difficult to apply.

Of course, choosing the best deck stain for pressure-treated wood deck structures is a critical step. WOCA offers a variety of beautiful, easy-to-use water and plant-based oil stains. The unique composition of WOCA oils enables them to be readily absorbed deep into wooden structures, protecting the wood from the inside out.

As it dries, WOCA oil hardens and strengthens pressure-treated lumber and other wood, providing the best defense  from exposure to even the most punishing conditions—including UV light.

Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly, & Better for Your Health

Because WOCA oil is plant-based, it eliminates the release of toxic chemicals into the air, ground, and water from rain runoff. It’s also low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—toxic gasses that can be harmful when inhaled. That makes it the perfect choice to protect your pressure-treated deck along with the health and safety of your family and pets.

Treating your deck with high-quality, durable, and R10 slip-resistant WOCA Exterior Oil stain enables you to beautify and preserve every wooden structure around your home. It’s available in fourteen low-odor and fast-drying designer colors, all with superior water resistance and UV protection.

Give Your Wood Deck the Treatment it Deserves

Pressure-treated wood is a fantastic option for your deck. It offers extra durability, resilience against the elements, and a prolonged lifespan—all at a lower price point than other wood types. 

But to get the most out of this type of lumber, you need to ensure it receives the correct treatment. Luckily, WOCA offers plenty of products uniquely suited to pressure-treated wood decks. Be sure to browse our line of exterior wood care products and stains to keep your deck in its best condition.

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