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Wood Lye 2.5 L
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WOCA Wood Lye is a mild, non-corrosive form of lye and the first step to whitewash or create a driftwood appearance on indoor wood. It also minimizes the natural occurrence of the wood turning yellow over time. WOCA Wood Lye is compatible with...

WOCA Softwood Lye
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Prevents yellowing of wood surface Preserves the light colors of the wood Requires after-treatment with oil or soap Only suitable for softwood Contains white pigments Certified by IBR   WOCA Softwood Lye Details WOCA Softwood Lye is used for lye...

Driftwood Lye
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SKU: 500279A

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WOCA Driftwood Lye is a water based product that gives oak a unique weather-beaten patina. A very nice 2-dimensional appearance is created. After using WOCA Driftwood Lye, the wood surface must be treated with one of the WOCA finishing oils....

WOCA Pre-Color 2.5 liter
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Pre-Color is a water-based stain used for the priming of unfinished or newly sanded interior woodwork such as floors, stairs, furniture and panels. Provides new intensive colors Requires subsequent treatment with WOCA Master Color Oil or Diamond Oil Active. Suitable...

WOCA Antique Lye
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SKU: 500251A

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WOCA Antique Oak Lye has been specially developed to produce an ammonia smoked appearance to oak wood. Results vary. Gives oak wood an ammonia smoked appearance Requires subsequent treatment with oil Only for oak wood Does not contain pigments Certified...


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