Antique Lye Application

How to Apply WOCA Antique Lye

  1. Wear suitable acid proof protective clothing, gloves and eye goggles for protection.
  2. The wood must be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. We recommend application as soon as possible after sanding.
  3. Pour Antique Lye into a plastic paint tray. It does not need stirring.
  4. Apply Antique Lye with the WOCA Applicator in an even coat on the floor, following the wood grain.
  5. Apply at least one liter of lye to each 100 sq.ft. of wood flooring or woodwork.
  6. Let the floor or woodwork dry at least 2-4 hours, preferably overnight.
  7. Wash floor with WOCA Wood Cleaner(see separate instructions). This will neutralize tannins and prevent water spotting.
  8. Let the floor dry completely, 8-12 hours, preferably overnight.
  9. When wood is dry, de-nib the floor and its standing fibers using a standard buffer with thick green or red buffing pads until the floor is smooth. De-nib floor first before polishing the edges.
  10. Vacuum the floor or wood surface when completed.
  11. Finish the floor or woodwork with oil.

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