Wood Lye Tester Instructions

Wood Lye Tester Instructions

Wood Lye bleaches solid wood floors and engineered floors of solid wood.
  1. The unfinished woodwork must be well sanded, clean and dry before application of lye. Clean with a solution of 1/4 cup Wood Cleaner per gallon of water if the wood surface is dirty and
    allow to dry. Shake the lye container well and pour the lye into a plastic bucket and stir regularly during application to get a uniform finish.
  2. Apply the lye undiluted with a nylon brush in an
    even coat on the floor lengthwise. Use at least 1 liter of lye per 100 sq. ft.

On vertically mounted woodwork, apply from top to bottom. Rinse work tools clean in water.

A lye primed wood floor may finished after a drying time of approx. 8 hours at 68° F (the wood must be completely dry) with Woca Master Color Oil.

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