Maintenance Gel Instructions

WOCA Maintenance Gel Instructions

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface with Intensive Wood Cleaner, mixed 1 part cleaner to 20 parts water. Then wash with clean water. After cleaning, leave the surface to dry for at least 8 hours at 68°F.
  2. In case of grain raising, an advantage would be slightly to de-nib with fine sand paper or sanding pad (remove any sanding dust from the surface).
  3. Apply an appropriate amount of gel to a red or white buffing pad and distribute over the surface in a thin, even coat. Continue polishing until the wood seems saturated and the surface has a uniform appearance. It is recommended to work on small areas at a time, as the gel is quick/drying. For larger areas (floors larger than 110 sqft) it would be advantageous to use a polishing machine.
  4. Immediately wipe down the polished surface with a clean, dry lint-free cotton cloth. When prepping with a machine, the final polishing should be done with a cotton cloth beneath the buffer. The surface should not appear wet and no excess gel should remain on the surface.
  5. If the wood does not seem fully saturated after 4-6 hours,  reapply with less gel than the first treatment, but following the same procedure.
  6. Wait 4-6 hours before using the surface. Avoid getting water or dirt on the wooden surface for the next 2-3 days.


Cleaning: For convenient daily spot cleaning, use WOCA Natural Soap Spray. For bi-weekly cleaning, use WOCA Natural Soap. For quarterly cleaning, use WOCA Oil Refresher.

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