How to Clean and Maintain Residential Oil Finished Floors

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How to Clean and Maintain Residential Oil Finished Floors

Keeping your oil finished floors clean and well maintained will protect them from daily wear and tear.  Ensuring that they remain beautiful for years to come.  WOCA Denmark's cleaning and maintenance products are natural and effective at protecting and rejuvenating your floors. Knowing which products to use, and how to properly care for your floors can be confusing and overwhelming.  This easy to follow guide will help you know how to keep your oil finished floors clean and well protected.   

Daily Maintenance (As Needed)

WOCA Denmark Natural Soap Spray
WOCA Natural Soap Spray is perfect for daily clean up.  It is ready mixed, which makes it easy and convenient to use.  Many common household cleaners contain a very high PH, which can leave you with unwanted results. Other cleaners can strip the oil finish, discolor the wood and leave your floor unprotected.  WOCA Natural Soap Spray cleans, nourishes and protects your oil finished floors in one step.

How to use WOCA Denmark Natural Soap Spray:

  1. Shake bottle well before use.
  2. Spray any affected areas with WOCA Natural Soap Spray.
  3. Wipe area with dry cloth or mop.

Each bottle covers Covers approximately 2500 square feet.  

Choose WOCA Natural Soap Spray in White for white to light grey wood shades and Natural for all wood shades.

Bi-Weekly Maintenance - (Every 2 weeks)

To keep your oil finished floor clean and protected from dirt, stains and wear and tear, clean it every two weeks with WOCA Denmark Natural Soap.  It is specially formulated to clean and protect in one step, leaving behind an invisible layer of soy and coconut fats, which helps to ward off almost anything. When used on a regular basis, WOCA Natural Soap makes your oil finished floor more dirt and wear resistant and easier to keep clean. 

How to use WOCA Natural Soap:

  1. Sweep area regularly.
  2. Mix 3oz of Natural Soap per gallon of water.
  3. Damp mop (well wrung mop) using WOCA Natural Soap.
  4. Leave floor to dry.

Natural Soap Coverage is 3000-4000 square feet per liter.  Available in 1 liter, 2.5 liter and 5 liter concentrate.  

Choose WOCA Natural Soap in White for white to light gray finished floors and Natural for all shades of wood. 

Quarterly Maintenance (3-4 times year)

Every 3 to 4 months, clean and refresh your oil finished floor with WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap (formerly named Oil Refresher). WOCA Oil Refresher combines efficient cleaning with oil rejuvenation, as additional oil penetrates the wood and reinforces the existing oil finish.  It is a partner to WOCA Natural Soap Soap, which is used for routine cleaning. 

WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap

How to use WOCA Denmark Oil Refreshing Soap

  1. For site finished oiled floors and oxidative oiled floors, mix 6oz of Oil Refreshing Soap per gallon of water.
  2. For UV-oiled and Hardwax oiled floors mix 3oz of Oil Refreshing Soap per gallon of water.
  3. Apply to floor using a damp mop (well wrung out mop).

Oil Refreshing Soap is available in 1liter & 2.5 liter concentrate, in Natural or White.  Select Natural for all shades of wood, and white for white to light gray shades of wood.  Coverage is 1500-2000 square foot per liter.

WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active

Re-Oiling Maintenance (3-5 years)

Depending on the type of flooring and the lifestyle, your oil finished floors will need to be re-oiling using WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active or WOCA Maintenance Gel.  Re-oiling is typically a machine buff application, which is performed by a flooring professional.  The schedule for this type of cleaning will need to be adjusted based on the look of the floor from lifestyle, traffic, etc. *If the floor is factory finished, always comply with the manufacturer's care and maintenance instructions.

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