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Applicator Pad Holder and 9" Pad
In stock

SKU: PANZ-397231

AVAILABILITY: In stock (2530 items)

Applicator with Pad For easy application of WOCA Oils (exterior and interior) and interior Lyes. Ensures smooth, fast and efficient work. Less dripping and splatter. Attaches to an extension pole (not included). Replacement pad snaps off and on for easy...

Replacement Applicator Pad, 9"
In stock

SKU: PANZ-397131

AVAILABILITY: In stock (1250 items)

Replacement Applicator Pad. This product is a replacement pad for the 9" Woca Oil Applicator. This purchase is for the Applicator Replacement Pad Only. The Replacement Pad is for use with the 9" WOCA Applicator. Replacement pads ensure easy reuse...


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