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Diamond Oil Active
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WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active Extremely durable wood finish Plant based Resistant to liquids such as water, coffee, tea and red wine Gives the wood a beautiful, breathable surface Approved for indoor use Low VOC Isocyanate free Low...

Diamond Oil Active Tester
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SKU: 565610USSA

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Diamond Oil Active is the first 1K oil that works like a 2K. Testers are a great way to find the right color for your project. Diamond Oil Active creates an incredibly high level of quality when oiling wooden floors....

Master Color Oil
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SKU: 532325AA

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WOCA Master Color Oil provides color and an oil finish in one step. It penetrates and hardens deep inside the wood.  As a result, wood floors become stronger and better withstand wear. Master Color Oil contains fine pigments in eleven...

WOCA Master Color Oil Testers
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SKU: 532300USSA

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WOCA Master Color Oil Testers are an inexpensive way to sample Master Color Oil on your wood to verify the outcome of your project. Different wood species, with different natural coloring will impact the treatment color and the final look...

Diamond Oil Active 8.5 Ounce Can
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SKU: 566005US

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WOCA Diamond Oil Active is a plant-based penetrating oil. A wood finish that colors and protects in 1 product. Diamond Oil Active highlights the natural beauty and character of your wood and provides a very durable surface that is resistant...

Worktop Oil
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SKU: 527713AA

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Worktop Oil - for Oak, Maple, and Walnut kitchen worktops, wood counter tops, and butcher block. WOCA Worktop Oil is designed for untreated or previously oiled surfaces. Worktop Oil is especially suited for countertops, tabletops and similar wood surfaces and...

Invisible Oil System
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SKU: 526025A

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The Invisible Oil System is a water-based oil wood finishing procedure for light-colored wood species only. The Invisible System comprises 3 products to create raw, freshly sanded, bare wood look. Matte sheen. For residential use. These products need to be...

WOCA Panel White
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SKU: 577802A

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Panel White is a water-based product for the lighter coloring of raw or previously treated wood ceilings, paneling, and shiplap. The wood grain, character, and knots will lighten in color yet remain visible. For indoor use only, ideally on lighter-colored...

Diamond Oil Active 8.5 Ounce Can Contractor Kit
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SKU: 5300KIT

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The Diamond Oil Active Contractor Kit contains all 9 colors of WOCA's Diamond Oil Active.  It is the perfect solution for finding the right color for your projects.   


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