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Master Floor Cleaner

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Say goodbye to dirty floors with Master Floor Cleaner! This child and pet friendly formula formula makes hardwood, LVT, vinyl, and laminate floors sparkly clean in a jiffy. Not only does it remove dirt and grime, it also strengthens the surface to create a protective shield against future spills.

And the best part? No residue left behind, perfect for floors that need frequent mopping! You can even use it on painted floors, tile, and other non-absorbent surfaces… you’ll be floored by the results!

Leaves no build up, non-toxic, and safe for daily cleaning

For the following wood finishes and other types of flooring:

  • Water based finish, polyurethane
  • Oil based polyurethane
  • LVT
  • Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Painted floors
  • Other sealed hard surfaces

Master Floor Cleaner Instructions

For the WOCA Swep Mop

  1. Dilute 3 ounces of Master Cleaner to 1 gallon of water for the regular mopping.
  2. Damp mop the floor with a well wrung mop.
  3. Do not leave any standing water on the floor after mopping.
  4. Very dirty floors or stubborn stains can be removed with Intensive Wood Cleaner.

For the WOCA Spray Mop

  1. Add 2 capfuls of Master Cleaner to the Spray Mop tank.
  2. Fill remainder of Spray Mop tank with water.
  3. Spray and mop.

Coverage: 3500-4300 SF Per Liter

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