Wood Lye + Master Color Oil White or Extra White Instructions

The unfinished wood must be sanded, clean and dry before application. Recommended sanding grit range 100-150. On vertically mounted woodwork, apply from top to bottom.

  1. Make sure wood surface is clean and dry.
  2. Shake the Wood Lye container well and pour the lye into a plastic bucket and stir regularly during application to get a uniform finish.
  3. Apply the lye, undiluted, with the WOCA Applicator, going with the grain. Coverage is approximately 250 square feet per 2.5 liter container.
  4. The lye will not look perfect.  The polishing of the oil with the red pad will remove any imperfections during the oiling process.
  5.  Leave the lye to dry at least 8 hours or overnight.
  6. Shake Master Color Oil container well before and during use.
  7. Technique A, working in a section of about 50-100 sf, with a ¼ nap paint roller or trim pad apply an even coat of oil.   Wait 5-10 minutes and then using a 175 RPM floor buffer/polisher start polishing in the oil with a RED buffing pad attached.  Or see Technique B
  8. Technique B, working in a section of about 50-100 sf, pour oil directly on floor (1 cup) and spread it around with floor polisher/buffer with RED pad attached.
  9. Polish the area with a red pad until wood appears saturated.
  10. Replace the buffing pad with a clean one and put a terry cloth towel or polishing cloth underneath the pad and buffer and polish off all excess oil.  No excess oil should be left on the wood surface
  11. After 6-8 hours of pre-hardening, the floor should be treated with a second application of oil.
  12. Still working in sections, a very small amount of oil, approx. 1-2 ounces, is poured on the floor and carefully polished into the wood with a WHITE  floor pad. Repeat until done.
  13. Repeat Step 10.  No excess oil should be left on the surface.
  14. Do not expose floor to water during cure/hardening time, approx. 5 days.
  15. After 5-7 days, clean with WOCA Natural Soap in White to provide additional protection.

    Tip: For fastest drying time, leave windows slightly open to ensure a steady flow of fresh oxygen.

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