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WOCA Wood Care offers quality wood care products directly from Denmark. We ship WOCA products everywhere within the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii and carry everything you need for all of your wood floor finishing needs, repair, and maintenance. Our website contains all of the information you need for wood floor finishing, furniture restoration, or to maintain your floors to a beautiful shine. All of our Finishing Oils are low in VOCs, plant based and non-polluting. They are a safe and environmentally friendly solution for wood stains, wood preservatives, and wood protection.

WOCA Oil Finish is the leading plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, durable wood finish, with no artificial color pigments or preservatives.


What are VOC’s?

VOC is short for Volatile Organic Compounds. Knowing what type of chemicals are used inside of your home and around your family is important. Our products are the safest in their field and are also the strongest system of wood care finishing and maintenance products. They pass all European regulations which are stricter than US regulations.

The Best Wood Finish

Decades of accumulated technical expertise have enabled WOCA to produce the best and strongest system of wood care products for the basic finishing and maintenance of wood products for the retail and industrial markets. Excellent quality. Easy and simple to use from start to finish. Long lasting results. That’s why WOCA is Number 1.

Naturally Number 1

As a result of decades of research and development combined with more that 40 years of experience, WOCA Denmark is committed to producing and supplying long term, durable finishing systems. The aim of our range of high-quality WOCA products is to make the entire working process more straightforward, while creating a more effective and satisfying result.

WOCA is for the Environment and Sustainable Quality

At WOCA we take great pride in our “green credentials” producing environmentally friendly, ecological products for over 40 years. Our treatment and maintenance products are used on wood – indoors and outdoors – and they are all very kind on the environment as a result of many years of experience. WOCA’s ethos is fully focused around nature, from the way our penetrating oils are designed to protect and enhance the natural properties of wood – to the impact that the manufacturing process and products could have on the environment. These factors are keys to any decision that we make within the business with a view to creating a safe and sustainable future for everyone.

Our products are tested and certified by the “Institut fur Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH, Germany”. This institute analyzes materials used in construction of houses and they only certify and give their approval to products, which meet the strict criteria of the institute.

Furthermore, all WOCA products are in accordance with the German DIN 53160 norm and the European EN-71-3 norm for use in living environment. Moreover, all WOCA products meet the VOC and Reach regulations.


WOCA Wood Care

WOCA carries the best and most environmentally friendly products.

WOCA Products Are Certified By Independent Laboratories.
We feel that this is an important ecological step in the protection of our working and living environment.

WOCA Oil Finish is plant-based

Environmentally responsible, sustainable and nonpolluting

WOCA Oil Finish Is The Leading Plant-Based Product
WOCA provides a durable wood finish, with no artificial color pigments or preservatives.

The Natural Choice

WOCA products strengthen and protect wood from the inside.

The Pure Natural Finish With All The Advantages
Wood’s natural appearance is enhanced
Easy maintenance
Good water and liquid resistance

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