Master Color Oil Instructions

Master Color Oil Application Instructions

It is recommended to use a floor buffer for the oil application. Recommended wood moisture maximum - 12%. The oiling should be done at a minimum temperature of 60º F.

  1. Unfinished flooring or wood should be freshly sanded with grit 100-120. Prep the wood surface with a solution of 1/4 cup Wood Cleaner per gallon of water. This step is not optional.
  2. Shake the container of Color Oil well before and during application. Apply the oil in an even coat with the WOCA Applicator or a low nap paint roller onto an area of 100 - 200 sq. ft.
  3. Let the floor absorb the oil for 20 minutes. Work the oil into the wood with a red pad, either manually, or for large areas with a buffer. Polish until the floor appears saturated with oil.
  4. Remove the excess oil with lint free cloths, or scrape with a squeegee onto the next section of floor to be oiled.
  5. Buff the floor with lint free cloths under white polishing pads. The floor should not appear wet, and no excess oil should be left on the surface after polishing. Continue in sections until the whole floor has been finished.
  6. Wait for 6 - 8 hours, or when dry enough to walk on.  Buff the floor with a white polishing pad and color oil.
  7. If a silk matte surface is desired, the finished floor may be buffed with 1 liter of Master Color Oil per 500 - 600 s.f. of floor. The oil must be polished carefully into the floor. No excess oil should be left on the surface.
  8. After 6 - 8 hours, cover walking areas with corrugated cardboard for the 72 hours hardening period. Do not expose the floor to water during the hardening time.

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