Intensive Wood Cleaner Instructions

WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner Instructions

Unfinished and soap finished woodwork
  1. Mix a cleaning solution of 3 ounces Intensive Wood Cleaner per gallon of lukewarm water. Always work with two buckets, one with the Wood Cleaner solution and one with clear water to rinse and wring the mop between passes. Mop lengthwise of the wood and leave the solution on the floor surface to dissolve dirt.
  2. Scrub with a brush or pad manually or with a buffer if very dirty. Wipe clean with the mop. Always wipe a second time to minimize water left on surface.
  3. Rinse the mop head in clean water, wring well, and continue. Repeat if the floor is extremely dirty.
  4. If used on soaped surfaces, the protective soap shield will be removed. Therefore, use Natural Soap as second step when woodwork is completely dry.

Allow the wood to completely dry before finishing.

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