Exterior Oil Info

WOCA Exterior Oil is a water and plant based penetrating oil that absorbs deep into the wood strengthening the wood from the inside out. It hardens from inside of the wood to strengthen and protect from the harsh outdoor elements and includes UV protection. The best stain for color and protection in one step.

WOCA Exterior Oil is the best stain to choose for your project. It's plant based, eco-friendly, and low VOC.

It strengthens the wood from the inside out. Does not peel, crack or flake. It is rated R10 for slip resistance and durable for heavy foot traffic. Water resistant, low odor and fast drying. Available in 14 colors to enhance, beautify and protect your outdoor wood investment. All colors have UV protection. Check out the color chart to find the best stain color for your project. WOCA Exterior Oil is the best stain for use on new or previously oiled outdoor wood decking, furniture and fencing.

The special water-based composition oil ensures clean up is easy with water and friendly to the environment.

Tip: Old grey Teak furniture can easily be renewed and refreshed with WOCA Exterior Cleaner and a coat of WOCA Exterior Oil.

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