Cleaning Bundles

Introducing WOCA Cleaning & Maintenance Bundles, the perfect solution for eco-friendly wood floor cleaning and maintenance. Our plant based products are designed to bring out the natural beauty of your oil finished wood floors. 

Each bundle includes the essential products for everyday cleaning and routine maintenance.  They are easy to use and eco-friendly.  Natural Soap is formulated for regular cleaning.  It removes dirt and grime, and deposits a small amount of oil, protecting the oil finish.  It is easy to apply with the WOCA Spray Mop.  The Oil Refreshing Soap is used on a quarterly basis, adding additional oil and protection.  Protecting your floor against future spills and wear, all while preserving its natural beauty.  The products work together seamlessly to make sure your floor looks beautiful for years to come! 


Residential Cleaning Bundles

Commercial Cleaning Bundles

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