Arctic Sealer Instructions

WOCA Arctic Sealer Instructions

It is important that both wood and product have a temperature of min. 59°F (preferably around 68°F) and air humidity of approximately 40-60 %. Make sure that the room is well-ventilated for optimal evaporation and drying time.

Untreated floors must be free of dirt, grease, wax and dust. Floors that have been finished previously must be sanded down to clean wood before the sealer is applied. Vacuum thoroughly and tack the floor afterwards if necessary, using a tightly-wrung water-soaked cloth. Shake the Arctic Sealer thoroughly before use.

  1. Untreated or sanded surfaces: Final sanding must be done with fine sandpaper (grit 120). Vacuum carefully and wipe surface with a cloth hard wrung in clean water and let the surface dry. Apply Arctic Sealer undiluted with brush or roller and allow the surface to dry.
    Please note: For a brighter appearance, apply 2-3 coats of Arctic Sealer. Sanding must be done after the second coat using grit 150–200 sandpaper (a treatment with a white-pigmented material generally requires more even sanding to prevent the pigments from sticking in the sanding grooves). Vacuum carefully and apply 1-2 coats with one of the WOCA floor finish. Always apply a minimum of three coats (sealer and floor finish) for ideal protection.
  2. Refinishing already finished surfaces: Arctic Sealer is only suitable for sealing untreated or sanded wood surfaces.

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