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WOCA Spray Mop
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SKU: 599800US

AVAILABILITY: In stock (65 items)

WOCA Spray Mop makes cleaning and maintaining wood floors easy.  Practical, sturdy and simple to assemble. The reusable and machine washable cotton blend pad gently cleans of all types of flooring, e.g. wood, tile, laminate, LVT, and vinyl. Two WOCA Natural...

Polishing Cloth
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SKU: 596055-S

AVAILABILITY: In stock (1516 items)

WOCA Polishing Cloth is used whenever using WOCA Maintenance Gel. The polishing cloth can be used under the white polishing pad of the buffer to achieve a very smooth and silky look. Using the polishing cloth will also provide a...

WOCA Silver Swep Mop
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SKU: 599810

AVAILABILITY: In stock (104 items)

The WOCA Swep Mop Silver (previously WOCA Swep Mop Blue) is a high quality mop that makes wet cleaning your floors easy. The special wring out system makes this mop easy to use, eliminating the need to bend. The sturdy,...

Swep Mop, Red
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SKU: 599805

AVAILABILITY: In stock (21 items)

Easy to use and virtually indestructible – a great investment! Features: A sturdy, Commercial grade, non-bending aluminum shaft and two sturdy handles, one fixed to the shaft and one attached to the mop head, making it is easy to control...

WOCA Patina Disc
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SKU: 595095-S

AVAILABILITY: In stock (916 items)

WOCA Patina Discs are a new way of oiling. They are used for smoothing and honing the wood surface while it is still wet with oil. WOCA Patina Discs are used to make a one-coat application using WOCA Oils. There...

Swep Mop, Red, Replacement, Cotton Head
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SKU: 599815

AVAILABILITY: In stock (7 items)

Replacement Head for the WOCA Red Swep Mop. This is a loop style cotton mop head that is easily replaced. **THIS PURCHASE IS FOR THE MOP HEAD ONLY**

Replacement Applicator Pad, 9"
In stock

SKU: WOCAPT:Anza Pad Replacement

AVAILABILITY: In stock (1151 items)

Replacement Applicator Pad. This product is a replacement pad for the 9" Woca Oil Applicator. This purchase is for the Applicator Replacement Pad Only. The Replacement Pad is for use with the 9" WOCA Applicator. Replacement pads ensure easy reuse...

Silver Mop Cleaning Kit
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (104 items)

Dive into deep clean mode with the WOCA Silver Mop Cleaning Kit! Keep your natural wood floors clean and bright without any harsh chemicals, using natural ingredients and professional results that'll leave you feelin' good. Plus, the FREE Silver Mop is...


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