How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors During the Holidays

The holidays are here! That means cozy sweaters, the smell of cinnamon in the air, and cherished memories to last a lifetime.

It also means more foot traffic moving across your hardwood floors. 


While a few scrapes and scratches won’t damage their value, an accumulation over the years can start to make your floors look and feel worn. With the proper care, your hardwood floors can remain an eye-catching feature for a lifetime of holidays. 


Keep reading to discover how to keep your floors looking full of cheer all season long! 

Invest in a quality rug


Rugs are a beautiful decor item that grounds your space and increases coziness. They also protect your floors from the outside elements and give your guests a place to wipe their feet. Salt during the wintertime is a particular hazard you want to avoid coming in contact with your hardwoods.


Placing a quality rug in high traffic areas reduces wear and tear over the years. But, some rugs have rough bottoms that can do more harm to polished floors. Prevent this by investing in a natural fiber rug pad made of wool or felt to place underneath. Not only do rug pads extend the life of your rugs themselves, but they also provide an added level of safety in high traffic and slippery areas. 


Deck the halls, not your floors


Live plants fill your home with energy and have a calming effect on your mood--something we all could use during the holidays. But if you’re using a live Christmas tree, you could be in for an expensive surprise. Water damage from live plants leaves unattractive black patches on your floor that, while removable, are obnoxious and unsightly. 


Prevent these small deposits by placing a metal or tin tray under your plants, including your Christmas tree. Avoid using old newspapers or towels because while these may help absorb water from your tree, you’ll still end up with a soggy mess on your floor. 


Struggling with current black spots caused by water or acid reaction on your hardwoods? Try WOCA Tanin Spot Neutralizer. It’s a spray-on, easy to use, and perfect for unfinished, waxed, soaped, or oiled interior surfaces.


Next, add a tree skirt to help catch any falling leaves and needles from the tree that may contain sticky sap. Sweep under your tree at the end of each day to prevent debris from accumulating.


Protect your floors from furniture


With more family and friends to entertain, more furniture gets brought in and moved around. Scuffing and gouging from furniture makes your floors dull and potentially difficult to repair without a complete refinish.


If you anticipate shifting your furniture around this holiday season, invest in furniture pads. These are small felt disks that prevent damage to your floors and make heavy furniture easier to move. Some furniture pads come with adhesive backs to stick to the bottom of your couch and table legs. Others are temporary disks used only when it’s time to move things around.


Use the right cleaning products and tools


Harsh chemicals and fragrances can wear down the finish of your hardwoods and decrease their overall value. That’s why it is essential to use the right tools and products! 


When cleaning, the mop you use on your floors should be damp, not soaking wet. You’ll also want to clean up any spills right away. This prevents standing pools of water that could seep into cracks and cause warping over time. 


This is where our WOCA Spray Mop comes in handy! It distributes an adequate amount of cleaner without soaking your floors. Plus, the cotton blend pad is reusable and machine washable!


For new or prefinished floors, our Natural Soap Hardwood Cleaner not only cleans but conditions your hardwoods. If you have laminate, PVC, or vinyl, WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Care is perfect for keeping your floor shiny and extending its life. 

Relax this holiday season and enjoy your family instead of worrying about your floors. A WOCA subscription guarantees you get cleaning products that preserve and protect your hardwoods instead of wearing them down over time. Simply choose your products, and we’ll send them to you on your schedule with free ground shipping. Keep your home warm and inviting through all the holiday seasons to come with our collection of finishes and wood care products.

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