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Woca Woodcare Products Are VOC Free 2016-11-27T13:59:54+00:00

What do we mean when we say that WOCA products are VOC free?

First let’s look into what a Volatile Organic Compound is.  A VOC is a chemical that under ordinary room-temperature conditions will evaporate very easily into the surrounding air.  Although the chemical is “organic” it is still harmful.  Symptoms from VOC are slow to develop mainly because the chemical is inhaled over a long period of time.  VOCs occur naturally in the environment but in very small amounts.  It is a primary way of communication between plants. Using a WOCA product that is VOC free means that you can apply the oils to your floor and inside your house without the long-term effects of inhaling and risking your health. WOCA products are safest to use.  Why would you want to use anything else and risk your family?

  • WOCA products are the safest in their field.
  • VOC free means no chemicals to inhale.
  • WOCA Oils – Safe for life.
  • WOCA Products are VOC free.

WOCA Oils are Volatile Organic Compound Free

U.S. Green Building Council MemberIn 2007 new regulations were introduced in the European Union regarding VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels in coating materials.
All WOCA products fulfill these regulations.
We feel that this is an important ecological step in the protection of our working and living environment.

WOCA VOC free oils have the following features:

  • Positive influence on the working area and living environment. Improvement of product characteristics and application methods. No effect on indoor air quality.
  • WOCA products are certified by independent laboratories, the German Institute for Biological Building Materials, and are in accordance with DIN-Norm 53-160. WOCA WoodCare Denmark products meet or exceed the most stringent U.S. standards for volatile organic compounds.


This product is a plant-based non-emitting finish, which complies with South Coast Air Quality Management standards and always qualifies for the following LEED credits:

Environmental Feature LEED Credit LEED Points
Rapidly Renewable Materials Materials and Resources (MR) Credit 6 1
Low-Emitting Adhesives and Sealants Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit.4.2 1


WOCA products are VOC Free and are tested and certified by the ‘Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH, Germany’, as well as approved in accordance with the German DIN 53 160 norm and the European EN 71-3 norm for use in living environment.