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WOCA Interior Woodwork

Our WOCA interior woodwork products are developed to nourish and protect the natural qualities in wood. Keeping the wood beautiful for many years.

Worktop Oil

WOCA Interior Woodwork Product - WOCA Worktop OilWOCA Worktop Oil is especially suited for counter-tops, tabletops and similar wood surfaces.  It is FDA approved & food safe. Creates a highly water & dirt repellent surface.

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Worktop Gel

WOCA interior woodwork product WOCA Worktop GelWOCA Worktop Gel is for re-oiling previously oiled surfaces, such as counter tops, tables and furniture. Enhances the natural grain & color of the wood.  Provides a resistant & strong wearing surface.

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Intensive Cleaner Spray

WOCA Intensive Cleaner SprayWOCA Intensive Cleaner is a unique ready- to-use  spray.  For all around cleaning of all interior woodwork such as furniture, staircases, doors, panels, tables and counters.

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Oil Refresher Spray

WOCA Oil Refresher SprayWOCA Oil Refresher Spray is pre-mixed for spot use on floors.  It is also intended for use on counter tops and table tops. Ensures maximum dirt and water resistance.

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